Where’s Chancellor Dirks?

Hannah Lee/File

Chancellor Dirks is pretty much a celebrity, here on the UC Berkeley campus. Like Oski, he is known for being illusive and blending into the crowd. From his crisp white shirt and tie to his lustrous unibrow, you’d think, “How could a guy like that not be noticed in a crowd?” Well, we’re putting that to the test. We at the Clog would like you to try and see if you can find Dirks in these photos.

Good luck!

Can you find him? Ok, this one isn’t too hard. Let’s try the next.


Hayden Irwin/File

Chancellor Dirks likes to take part in all kinds of school wide functions, including the occasional protest!


Michael Drummond/File

You can often find Dirks mingling with students at several on campus clubs that he is a part of. Can you find him in this picture?


Tony Zhou/File

Ok, this one is a bit of a challenge. Try and see if you can find Dirks rocking out at this concert.


Anci Sun/File

If you found Dirks in all of these pictures, then you can consider yourself a Dirks detective. Congratulations!

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