25 ways to work off all those Valentine’s Day sweets

Daniel Kim/File

If you feel a little bloated after eating all the delicious candy that your Valentine oh-so-thoughtfully and graciously presented you with, check out our super helpful and necessary tips for working off all that excess high-fructose corn starch.

  1. Cold exposure boosts metabolic rate (just going outside for five minutes could burn extra calories).
  2. Donate blood (donating one pint burns 650 calories and helps save lives).
  3. Hike to the Big C with your sweetheart.
  4. Go to office hours in Evans (those stairs are a killer).
  5. Try to find your GSI’s office in Dwinelle.
  6. Roller-skate around campus (more fun than you think).
  7. Chase squirrels until you catch one (good luck).
  8. Group racquetball game at the Recreational Sports Facility (it can get intense).
  9. Bust a move (or sing along) to the “50 Shades Darker” soundtrack.
  10. Test out the moves from “50 Shades” to see how practical they really are.
  11. Ten push-ups every time the “Hell yeah” guy yells “Hell yeah.”
  12. One-minute plank every time there’s an EECS/Haas-related post on UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens.
  13. Craft a couple of excellent memes for UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens.
  14. Try to find a seat at Moffitt.
  15. Go snorkeling in one of the fountains by Sproul.
  16. Join an ultimate frisbee team.
  17. Burn calories by swiping through your Tinder matches.
  18. Eat some spicy Indian food (spicy foods rev up your metabolism).
  19. Chew gum for 18 hours straight (burns 200 calories).
  20. Turn your dorm room/apartment into a sauna and sweat out those cals.
  21. Challenge yourself to get from Genetics and Plant Biology to Haas in time for your next class.
  22. Wait in the half hour-long line at Walgreens.
  23. Make a mental note to do five squats every time someone says “Milo.”
  24. Pull an all-nighter to prepare extra hard for that midterm and burn 161 extra calories.
  25. Banging your head against a wall burns an extra 150 calories per hour.


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