Iconic duos of UC Berkeley

Maya Kandell/Staff

UC Berkeley is a place filled with iconic dynamic duos. Just to prove our point, we at the Clog have devised a list of iconic duos typically found around school.

  1. The Amazon Student Store and guard rail
  2. Chancellor Dirks and public funds
  3. Yogurt Park and the freshman 15
  4. Wurster Hall and Greek life
  5. Drunk AF people with no options and Smoke’s Poutinerie
  6. Athletes and scooters
  7. Football players and hoverboards
  8. Haas-holes and free backpacks
  9. Dwinelle Hall and the tai chi man
  10. Cash and Top Dog
  11. Tears and Main Stacks
  12. Snapchat and the Campanile
  13. Stickers and laptops
  14. Fliers and Sproul Plaza
  15. UC Berkeley students and memes
  16. That corner of Sproul Plaza by Sather Gate and a capella singers
  17. Oski and fear
  18. GBC and chicken fingers burritos
  19. Peet’s Coffee & Tea and Freshëns
  20. Telegraph Avenue and closing restaurants

That’s right, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, move over! There are no better iconic duos than these UC Berkeley pairs. Only the future can tell which perfect pairs will take the top of the list.

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