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What people actually do in the library

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FEBRUARY 22, 2017

We’re now officially entering midterm season, meaning that it’s time to hit up your favorite library and get some work done. Midterm season is undoubtedly a high-stress time, not only because of your imminent exams but also because of your peers who seem to be constantly studying. When you go to the library it’s easy to feel more anxious when everyone around you seems to have unwavering concentration and productivity. But we at the Clog are suspicious of our fellow comrades — in fact, we doubt many of them are actually studying. So then, what exactly are they doing in the library?

Binging on Netflix

What’s the best place to watch “House of Cards” in dead silence? Main Stacks. Where’s the best place for no one to tell you what happens in the finale of “Jane the Virgin?” Main Stacks. A lot of students staring at their laptops are likely “taking a break,” watching their favorite show in peace where they can be sure that no one will bother them.

Catching up on sleep

That person taking a nap in the North Reading Room must have worked really hard to get that tired. Or, they came to the library, felt the urge to capitalize on the silence and decided catch up on the hours of sleep they didn’t get last night.

Stalking people on Facebook

A lot of times people just come to the library in between their classes, meaning they’ve just interacted with a lot of other students in the close quarters of their classrooms. As a result, many library goers may choose to stalk their classmates on Facebook in a place where they’ll have nearly unlimited privacy.

Eating food from Postmates

Even though we’re not supposed to eat in the library, that stops no one in Kresge Engineering Library or Haas School of Business. Getting food delivered to the library makes people feel especially good about themselves. Just coming to a library in and of itself is amazing and not wasting time going to buy lunch proves to ourselves that we can be efficient and productive — even if the only thing we end up doing in the library is eating.

Don’t feel bad if you have a hard time concentrating for hours in the library — clearly you’re not alone! Chances are that the person sitting across from you isn’t actually studying, or they too have trouble concentrating for hours and are giving themselves a break. Treat yo’ self, Bears! You deserve it!

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FEBRUARY 21, 2017