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Consoling yourself as you choose to not buy Girl Scouts cookies

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MARCH 01, 2017

We’ve been well into Girls Scout cookies season for at least a month now. Cute little five year olds are flocking campus, whether it be on Sproul Plaza or in front of Caffe Strada, trying to sell us cookies. A little bit of us dies when we force ourselves to walk by their table and not buy a box of their famous cookies. Why did we convince ourselves that we’re on a diet the very moment we passed by our favorite childhood treat? It’s only $5 for a box of cookie heaven. We at the Clog have been in this exact same predicament several times, so we’d like to propose a few ways for you to console yourself as you choose to walk by the Girl Scouts’ table. 

You’re actually on a diet

Maybe you actually are on a diet. If this is the case, you’re not doing anything wrong. Sure, it’s tempting to grab a box of Thin Mints on your way to the Recreational Sports Facility, but then again, you’re going to the gym to work out, not eat cookies.

You’re saving $5

$5 can go a long way for us broke college students. Instead of buying cookies, you could be buying yourself an entire meal at places such as Top Dog! Or you could’ve bought someone’s Cal men’s basketball ticket and showed school spirit.

You’re doing the Girl Scouts a favor

Showin’ a little tough love goes a long way. It’s difficult to say no to young Girl Scouts as you walk down Telegraph Avenue, but you know what, you’re doing them a favor! If you walk by their table, you’ll force them to work that much harder to sell a box of Samoas to the next student who passes by.

Next time, you’ll get a box

Today you’re being healthy. Tomorrow, however, is a new day. You didn’t buy yourself a box of Shortbread cookies today, so tomorrow, you can justify buying yourself two and maybe change it up a little — buy a box of Trefoils and a box of Tagalongs!

These are just a few ways to not feel devastated and outright frustrated with yourself as you choose to walk by Girl Scouts tables cookieless. And remember, if you didn’t buy a box today, no matter how hard it was to say to no the Girl Scouts, you can still buy one tomorrow.

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MARCH 01, 2017