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What your favorite Girl Scout cookie says about you

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MARCH 02, 2017

It’s that time of the year again — the New Year’s resolution diets have wound down and the warm months are too far off to worry about getting that spring break bod. Oh yes, dearest readers, it’s Girl Scout cookie season.

Everyone has their favorites, and here at the Clog we couldn’t help but notice that certain types of cookies attract a certain type of person. Which cookie are you?


For you the phrase “too much” does not apply. Just as these cookies are packed with a little bit of every flavor, so is your life. You are a typical over-committer who is deathly afraid of experiencing FOMO and would rather be 10 minutes late to everything than tell someone “no.” You constantly wonder how people have free time before you remember they probably aren’t trying to join three clubs, volunteer, run for office and save the world all in one afternoon.  

Probable major: Double major in sociology and media studies (and considering a music minor)

Thin Mints

You are a traditionalist in nature and don’t fuck around when it comes to Girl Scout cookies or life. You are a go-getter and constantly thinking what your next move will be to reach your ultimate goal in life. You love to have a good time but you aren’t one to be swayed from your morals and know where your priorities lie. You pop these babies in the freezer as soon as you get them because that’s the proper way to eat Thin Mints — obviously.

Probable major: Business administration, Haas School of Business

S’mores Cookies

If you’ve already deemed this new flavor to be your cookie of choice, chances are you find it hard to commit to an all-time favorite and this is just your newest go-to. You might get order anxiety when you go to restaurants and commonly resort to “eeny-meeny-miney-moe” as a legitimate way to make decisions. You are a social butterfly and the weekends are when you thrive. Spontaneous is your middle name and you’re always down to meet new people and try new things, but hate having to choose just one thing to commit to.

Probable major: Undeclared!


Although not considered in the top two cookies, Tagalongs are the hidden gems of Girl Scout cookies. They are a steadfast cookie option that’s available even when Thin Mints and Samoas have sold out. They are reliable place to turn just like you are. You always give good advice and loyalty is a top priority for you. You follow your heart no matter which way the crowd is going even if that means being the “quirky” one.

Probable major: Peace and conflict studies


You are most likely a minimalist in nature and enjoy the simple things in life. You were that roommate that actually vacuumed the floor in the dorms and always made your bed. You like to set a schedule and stick to it. And you treat your weekly planner like the holy grail.

Probable major: Molecular and cell biology

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MARCH 01, 2017