Power ranking: shittiest buildings on campus

Lorenz Angelo Gonzales/File

UC Berkeley may be an elite institution, but it does have some pretty shitty buildings. We at the Clog have hand-picked the worst of them all, not only to call attention to the issue, but also to celebrate the imperfect-yet-lovable buildings that populate our campus. The buildings will be ranked according to the following criteria: external aesthetic appeal, internal aesthetic appeal, construction status and cleanliness. Let’s get to the shit!

Dwinelle Hall

External aesthetic appeal: 3/10. Dwinelle Hall has certainly seen better days. The outside is worn and a little bit of an eyesore. The wide set stairs and lamp posts are its only saving graces.

Internal aesthetic appeal: 2/10. Dwinelle has the aesthetic appeal of my grandmother’s linen closet. We at the Clog don’t have the heart to give it a one — because it is Dwinelle and we’ve gotten used to the place.

Construction status: 1/10. The building is literally always under construction. Get your shit together, Dwinelle.

Cleanliness: 2/10. It’s not even close to being clean. Bring your Swiffer Sweeper to class, kids, because we know you’ll need it.

Total: 8/40

Evans Hall

External aesthetic appeal: 2/10. Evans Hall looks like a cross between a giant square box and a federal penitentiary.

Internal aesthetic appeal: 4/10. The inside is not as bad as Dwinelle, but it still isn’t great. On the plus side, it has a wide variety of vending machines.

Construction status: 5/10. The elevators were under construction for a while, which meant that those with office hours on the 10th floor were out of luck.

Cleanliness: 2/10. There was a rat in one Clogger’s discussion last week. That doesn’t exactly scream cleanliness.

Total: 13/40

Wurster Hall

External aesthetic appeal: 1/10. Is it ironic that the architecture building is the ugliest one on campus? Perhaps.

Internal aesthetic appeal: 7/10. Wurster Hall looks pretty good on the inside, proving that you can’t completely judge a building by its exterior.

Construction status: 7/10. The building’s not under construction right now. Favorable reviews for this one.

Cleanliness: 6/10. Beyond the normal dust and dirt in buildings, Wurster’s relatively clean.

Total: 21/40

Moffitt Library

External aesthetic appeal:  4.5/10. Ah, Moffitt. Completely mediocre on the outside, but we at the Clog have learned to appreciate Moffitt’s lovable ugliness.

Internal aesthetic appeal: 7/10. The fourth and fifth floors save Moffitt from the horrendous design of the lower floors.

Construction status: 5/10. The fourth and fifth floors were under construction for way too long to merit any score above a five.

Cleanliness: 5/10. There’s so many people coming in and out it’s impossible for it not to get dirty. Somehow, it’s still cleaner than Dwinelle.

Total: 21.5/40

Wheeler Hall

External aesthetic appeal: 8/10. Wheeler is super majestic and Harry Potter-esque from the outside.

Internal aesthetic appeal: 8/10. A truly nice building and we Cloggers appreciate the good taste of whoever designed it.

Construction status:  0/10. ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!

Cleanliness: 6/10. Wheeler provides a nice, clean environment (when it’s open).

Total: 22/40

Mulford Hall

External aesthetic appeal: 5/10. An average hall from the outside. The most mediocre of the halls.

Internal aesthetic appeal: 4/10. Panels of wood line the halls and put everyone in danger of splinters.

Construction status: 8/10. It’s one of the few on this list that isn’t constantly under construction. 

Cleanliness: 9/10. Mulford has impressively polished floors and spotless classrooms.

Total: 26/40

We at the Clog see the beauty in these imperfect buildings. Of course, it may be unpleasant to see a rat in Evans, or to constantly hear the construction outside of Wheeler, but it’s UC Berkeley, and it’s these shitty buildings that give our school character.

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