Quiz: Is your GSI cooler than you?

Joshua Jordan/File

It may not happen that often, but at some point in our college careers, we may realize that some of our GSIs are way cooler than we are — and possibly cooler than we’ll ever be. It’s slightly saddening to consider that our lameness may be reaffirmed in such a way, but it is surely inevitable. After all, we can’t all listen to (let alone find) the music no one has ever heard of or dress trendier than Berkeley’s hippest hipsters. And, in the grand scheme of things, we’re all just little nerds living in a stressful, Berkeley world.

So even if your GSI doesn’t seem to be the exact textbook definition of hip, they’re still pretty awesome, considering they’re getting their master’s degree at UC Berkeley and using understandable language to teach what our professors can’t. If you’re still trying to decipher whether or not your GSI is actually cooler than you, we at the Clog are here to help you out.

  1. What subject does your GSI teach?
    1. Math
    2. Political Science
    3. Business
    4. Computer Science
  2. What type of music does your GSI play before section?
    1. I’m pretty sure my GSI doesn’t know that music exists.
    2. Some indie rock band that I’ve never heard of.
    3. My GSI plays Chance the Rapper so much that I call them, “Lil GSI from 79th.”
    4. Purely classical music. Bach and Beethoven all the way.
  3. How would you describe your GSI’s sense of style?
    1. My GSI consistently goes for the “I Just Woke Up Five Minutes Ago” look.
    2. Straight out of Urban Outfitters.
    3. It looks like they’re constantly having to attend a professional networking event after section.
    4. Completely unaware of the fact that purple, green and yellow never match in any given situation.
  4. Does your GSI wear cool socks?
    1. Do socks with sandals count?
    2. Totally. I have never seem them wear the same pair twice!
    3. Nah. Just plain black socks. My GSI keeps it (business) casual.
    4. My GSI doesn’t even wear shoes.
  5. Which campus celeb does your GSI resemble the most?
    1. Oski
    2. Chris Pine
    3. Dirks
    4. Janet Napolitano
  6. Are you jealous of your GSI in any way?
    1. Oh, heck to the no.
    2. Now that I think about it, yes (and I don’t even know why).
    3. Maybe a little.
    4. Are you kidding me?! Of course. I wish I could be a GSI and spend more time at UC Berkeley.
    1. Sources tell us you’re still cooler than your GSI. Your GSI is super smart and all, but their fashion sense is pretty subpar (and you wear your pajamas to section every week and still look more stylish). It’s pretty clear that trying to seem cool isn’t on their to-do list, but, in all honesty, this isn’t New York Fashion Week. It’s also more than likely that they’ve never attended a real concert during their lifetime, and if they own a Spotify account, it’s probably filled with podcasts.
    2. We hate to deliver the news to you this way, but your GSI is, in fact, way cooler than you. Every time you come into section, your GSI is blasting sick tunes from some obscure band while simultaneously rocking some serious hipster vibes. Your GSI also probably wears large-framed glasses and might as well be a model straight from Urban Outfitters.
    3. In terms of coolness, it seems like you and your GSI are pretty much on the same level. Your GSI’s taste in music is relatively mainstream, with a few gems here and there. They tend to dress relatively normally, nothing too stylish or high fashion. They’re pretty average, just like you!
    4. Surprise! It seems as though you’re way cooler than your GSI will ever be. Your GSI is an awkward brainiac with no sense or style or clue as to what music is. You tend to feel bad for your GSI’s extreme sense of awkwardness during section, but hey, now’s your chance to teach your beloved GSI how to be hip and cool. Time for a little carpe diem.

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