Editor’s note: Apology for incorrect photo published

The Daily Californian apologizes for the incorrect photo accompanying the article “Many UC misconduct policy violators deny sexual intent, documents show.”

The photo inaccurately depicted UCLA professor of medicine Tomas Ganz when it should have depicted Eric Gans, a UCLA professor emeritus found by a Title IX investigation to have violated UC sexual misconduct policy. Dr. Ganz played no role in any of the investigation reports released Tuesday.

Dr. Ganz’s photo ran in print and online. The mistake arose as a result of the professors’ similar last names and identical educational institution. We had been caught in a frantic tide of breaking news after a massive UC records release, though that is no excuse for the inaccuracy of the photo.

The Daily Cal issued a correction, attached an accurate photo and removed the article from our social media accounts as soon as we realized the mistake.

We take great pains to ensure that what we publish is true, but attaching Dr. Ganz’s image to the article was a needless mistake that our newspaper deeply regrets. We will use this unfortunate accident as a teaching moment to ensure that our fact-checking processes prevent such grave errors in the future.

We understand the detrimental impact this error had on Dr. Ganz and his family, and we sincerely apologize to them and to the UC community.

Ritchie Lee is the editor in chief and president. Contact him at [email protected]

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