Crushes you’ll have while at UC Berkeley

Nishali Naik/Staff

Every time we see someone cute, we start imagining how the rest of our lives would look like with said person — the size of our wedding, what we’d name our five dogs and two cats, whether we’d come back to Berkeley for alumni events, etc. Even when we take off our Berkeley goggles, we see plenty of solid 10s on campus each semester. And we’d like the world to know that we at the Clog really appreciate these people — props to them for looking so amazing on the daily and making our days that much hotter. Here are some people you most definitely have, or will, crush on during your time at UC Berkeley (maybe you’ll even end up marrying one of them).

That Sophisticated Student

A soft, black turtleneck (we don’t know if the turtleneck is actually soft, but it totally looks comfortable, so we assume it’s soft). Sporting a Herschel backpack, or an obscure leather messenger bag, and no-rim glasses, this classmate must have just gotten off of a plane from Italy. How someone so perfect can exist, we’ll never know. But what we do know is that the moment we lock eyes with said classmate on the first day of classes, we won’t be able to stop thinking about them or our European honeymoon (that’ll be in 10 years) for the rest of the semester.

The Barista

What’s brewing in this barista’s mind? Their coffee-colored eyes are mystifying, and the fact that they know our order by heart makes us feel weak to the knees. It’s impossible to not fall in love with someone who clearly knows us so well, and you’ll definitely have a crush on them in the matter of a few weeks. You might even start thinking you love them a-latte.

An EECS kid

We’re not entirely sure how this one happens. Perhaps it’s the intrigue as to whether or not they actually shower, or maybe it’s the fact that they seem to know absolutely everything. Or, it could be that they’re supposed to have a 4.0. And for a reason we’ll never really be able to understand or process, our mystifying intrigue ends up turning into a crush. Maybe they’ll be the one that got away, who knows. Experiencing this crush is lovely, baffling and complicated all at the same time.

That one person you see everywhere

Trader Joe’s: check.

Recreational Sports Facility: check.

Asian Ghetto: check.

At least one common class: check.

This is that one person you’ll see everywhere. You don’t actually know this person, but you guys will begin your relationship by making awkward and frequent eye contact. Before you know it, you’ll be going out of your way to look for this person when you’re in obscure places, because chances are, you’ll see them there. Then comes the saying “hi” part and the blushing part. You’ll soon realize that whirlwind romances don’t just happen in your wildest dreams.

Chances are you’ve already experienced many of these crushes. Love doesn’t happen every day, and even if one of these crushes doesn’t end with a marriage proposal, just know that these love interests are common among all Golden Bears.

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