UCPD arrests suspect for violating campus stay away order

Kelsi Krandel/File

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On Friday, UCPD arrested the individual who was suspected of disposing of body lice in campus buildings on charges of trespassing and disturbing the peace.

UCPD apprehended the suspect in the men’s restroom of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union building about 3:49 p.m. Friday, according to the Alameda County’s probable cause for warrantless arrest report. The individual was seen last month, when he reportedly disposed of body lice in Doe Memorial Library and the Student Union.

The arresting officer, Michael Wyckoff, said in the report that he served the suspect with a one-year ban from all UC Berkeley libraries Feb. 9 because the suspect was “intentionally” leaving live body lice in the men’s restroom trashcan. Christine Shaff, communications director of UC Berkeley’s Real Estate Division, said that areas on campus that could have been contaminated with body lice were treated with alcohol and are now clear.

According to the report, the suspect was also seen lying down near California Hall on Wednesday, where a woman said she believed she saw him masturbating over his clothes. The report alleged that the suspect deposited body lice in the restrooms at International House on Thursday. Wyckoff received a dispatch the same day regarding a welfare check on the individual near the Chancellor’s Office and later issued a seven-day exclusion from UC property.

The official complaint document alleged that the individual violated the stay away order when he was found in the Student Union building Friday, thereby committing a misdemeanor under campus disruption.

“(He) wasn’t arrested for the library ban. He was issued a Stay Away Campus Exclusion Order by one of our officers the day prior to his arrest for repeatedly disrupting campus business,” said UCPD spokesperson Sgt. Sabrina Reich in an email. “(He) returned to campus the following day and was arrested for violating the stay away order.”

The suspect is currently being held in Santa Rita Jail, according to online records from the Alameda County Courthouse. He was arraigned Tuesday and is scheduled to appear at pretrial hearing March 15, according to Teresa Drenick, Alameda County District Attorney spokesperson.

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