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Power ranking: best store-bought chocolate chip cookie dough

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MARCH 09, 2017

I wouldn’t be first in line to skydive, swim with sharks or bungee jump. Basically, I’m not really a risk chaser or adrenaline junkie.

But I will literally throw all caution out the window for one thing: raw cookie dough.

Yes, there’s a potential (while slim) for salmonella, but I’ve never been really deterred. It seems every time I tend to eat half the cookies before they’ve even made it to the oven. While I often stick with homemade, there are so many pre-made options out there that are easy, cheap and quick to make.

Luckily for you, I tried four different types and uncovered a definitive rank of best pre-made cookie dough to bake (or eat) now.

NB: For an even quicker cooking time, microwave each cookie for 12 seconds in the microwave. It mimics the gooey center of a freshly baked cookie without the bake time!

Annie’s Organic Chocolate Chunk Bake & Share

Taste when raw: 9/10. Out of all the cookie doughs, this one has the best taste. It has a lot of chocolate chips and lacks the usual raw flour taste. Also, unlike other options, the texture of the dough isn’t overly sticky or stiff.

Taste when baked: 5/10. Once baked, Annie’s is solid, but not amazing.

Amount of chocolate chips: 7/10. You get some cookies that have more chocolate than others, but these are some pretty chocolatey cookies, y’all.

Total: 21/30

Immaculate Baking Company, Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough

Taste when raw: 3/10. Partially due to the gluten-free-ness of it, Immaculate’s was the worst one (sorry, gluten-free folks). The alternative flour created a bean-y taste, which I wasn’t a fan of, but it definitely lessened once baked.

Taste when baked: 6/10. The dough wasn’t particularly sweet and still has that kind of fiber-y taste, but not as much.

Amount of chocolate chips: 4/10. The lack of chocolate chips really didn’t help the situation.

Total: 13/30

Toll House Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Taste when raw: 5/10. Frozen Toll House raw isn’t amazing, but the non-frozen option might be better.

Taste when baked: 9/10. Once we baked off these cookies, they were amazing. They were sweet, buttery, gooey, chocolate-filled dreams. They almost tasted homemade. These are definitely a keeper.

Amount of chocolate chips: 8/10. Like I said, chocolate-filled dreams.

Total: 22/30

Pillsbury Simply… Refrigerated Chocolate Chip Cookies

Taste when raw: 4/10. This cookie fell into the trap of a particularly floury flavor.

Taste when baked: 6/10. Even when baked, while Pillsbury’s taste was overall solid, it wasn’t ideal.

Amount of chocolate chips: 2/10. Perhaps due to the minimal chocolate chips (can you tell that’s my favorite part), or maybe the less buttery flavor, they resembled sugar cookies more than the traditional chocolate chip.

Total: 12/30

Overall, Toll House really does it right. The buttery, chocolatey flavor was irresistible and the freezer-to-oven option made it unbelievably easy. 22/30 recommend, friends.

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MARCH 09, 2017