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Procrastination pastimes

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MARCH 09, 2017

Procrastination affects even the best and brightest of us here at UC Berkeley. So, why not have some fun while doing it? Thus, we at the Clog have supplied a list of our favorite procrastination pastimes. Enjoy.

Take Buzzfeed quizzes

There’s no greater waste of time nor any better way to further your own self-obsession than to take Buzzfeed quizzes. How else is one to know what kind of pizza topping he or she is?

Check you and your crush’s zodiac compatibility

I think we can all agree that most of us defy our zodiac sign in some way, shape or form. Regardless, it’s still fun (although slightly stalker-ish) to pretend there’s at least some validity to horoscopes. 

Try (and fail) to take good selfies

How else is one to find content to post on the Instagram? Also, if you’re ever a missing person, you’ll look damn good in that black and white photo.

Look up ways to stop procrastinating

One of the most popular things to do while procrastinating is to look up procrastination prevention methods, TED Talks, and literally anything that will make you feel like you’re getting over your procrastination habit (except, of course, actually doing your work).

Consume snacks mindlessly, only to regret it later

So relatable! But seriously, who hasn’t taken a zillion snack breaks while studying? And who hasn’t questioned if they’re hungry or just insanely bored?

Do approximately five sit-ups in an attempt to exercise

Finally begin to take your New Year’s resolution seriously and start exercising — when you have a paper to write, midterms to study for and meetings to go to… 

Facebook stalk the hell out of everyone

How’s your childhood friend doing? What’s up with your 8th grade English teacher? Your ex-boyfriend? Second-cousin twice removed?

Watch “Stranger Things” on Netflix

The one thing on this list that isn’t a joke. It’s an amazing show and we 10/10 recommend procrastinating with it.

Read the Daily Clog

The only other thing on this list that isn’t a joke. Just do it. Swoosh. 

Procrastination is a serious epidemic all of us face. But next time you’re procrastinating, know we at the Clog are here for you and so is that bag of Takis. 

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MARCH 09, 2017