UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens guide

Ruby Chen/Staff

Some memes are excellent, others are good and some are just painful to read. What’s a meme connoisseur to do? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We at the Clog have thoughtfully provided a comprehensive guide that will tell you to whether to post that meme or discard it for the sake of your reputation.

Is it about EECS or Haas?

Yes: Do it. For some reason, these memes never get old.

No: Read on to see if your meme’s still edgy enough.

Does it say “wot n’ tarnation”?

Yes: Way too overdone, abort mission.

No: You’re in the clear, and your meme is at least somewhat respectable.

Would it make Chancellor Dirks proud?

Yes: Obviously do it (for Dirks).

No: Why would you post something that wouldn’t make Dirks proud?

Is it about the Berkeley College Republicans?

Yes: Post it because they’ll probably overreact, to everyone else’s amusement.

No: No biggie, read on to see if your meme still qualifies.

Is it an indication of your unstable mental health?

Yes: The fact that you’re making a meme is already an indication of your unstable mental health.

No: Read above.

Did you get it from 4chan?

Yes: Post it, 4chan is where it’s at.

No: Could still be edgy enough, if it satisfies another meme requirement.

Is it slightly offensive?

Yes: For the sake of amusing Facebook comments, post that meme.

No: Make it more offensive.

Does it make fun of Greek life?

Yes: You know what to do.

No: Might be good enough if it satisfies another meme requirement.

Is it relatable?

Yes: Press that “post button.”

No: Don’t post it — unrelatable memes always get wrecked.

Does it have the UC Berkeley logo?

Yes: Post it, for the Berkeley community.

No: Add that logo.

There you have it, a clear criteria of which memes to post and which ones to delete. Now go spam that meme page (as long as you aren’t Albert Castro).

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