How to be safe when walking alone at night

Karen Chow/File

Winter’s receding (if you could call it that), and spring is gradually approaching. The days are growing longer and it seems as if it’s safer to walk alone at night. Don’t be fooled, there have been a number of reports of crimes around campus lately, including an armed robbery at Unit 1, as well as battery and sexual assault. And because we at the Daily Clog are extremely concerned for your wellbeing, here are some tips and tricks to help you be safer at night.

Learn some self-defense moves.

Whether you’re learning the exact spot to kick someone, or taking some karate classes at the dojo down the street, knowing some basic defense moves to defend yourself from attackers is a must when trying to survive the dangerous streets of the dark night hours.

Have a whistle handy.

When you sense a creepy stalker on your heels, just give that whistle a nice, loud blow. If the stalker’s got any sort of basic sense, they will be scrambling to run away in no time.

Bring a mini bottle of pepper spray.

Or even better, bring a mega-sized bottle of pepper spray. You never know if you’ll be approached by two people or 20. Believe us, it’ll definitely pay to be prepared. Make sure to read up on how to use your pepper spray before using it — otherwise you might debilitate yourself as well.

Bring your Swiss Army pocket gadget.

Don’t look lightly upon your everyday handy tools. A typical Swiss Army pocket gadget has about 34 different features, so it’ll definitely come in handy when trying to fend off an attacker.

Don’t flash your valuables at night.

Yeah, it’s probably not the best idea to wear those new diamond earrings or the heirloom pearl necklace you recently inherited from your mom. You probably shouldn’t be mindlessly playing Pokemon Go on your new iPhone 7 while your wallet dangles out of your half-zipped backpack pocket either. Doing any of these things is bound to make you a tempting target for malicious strangers lurking about.

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