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Springing forward: staying proactive with 1 less hour

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MARCH 10, 2017

As we are already in the middle of the semester, it can feel like time is quickly disappearing. But this weekend, we are literally left an hour short as we set our clocks forward. While this annual tradition may not be a surprise, it’s understandable if it leaves you feeling the pressure of time. To ease this stress, we at the Clog have come up with a few tips and tricks for a more time-efficient lifestyle.

First, it is important to acknowledge the amount of time wasted when commuting. Whether your mode of transportation is walking, biking or driving, you’re going to be hit with a number of obstacles: maneuvering around slower commuters, getting stuck at lights, finding a place to park. One way to combat such struggles is to move closer to campus. While this can be pricey, we have found a way to inch closer to your classes for free.

Get ready to trade in your bed for a sleeping pod, switch your showers for sinks and swap your homemade meals for cafe confections. These are just a few perks of your new life living in Moffitt Library. At first, it may seem strange, but there are so many advantages. Not only are you saving money, but accessibility to research materials is unlimited. This would allow you to start your studying the minute you wake up. Also, inviting people over for a house party would be no problem with rooms to rent on every floor. Plus, with its central location, you won’t be able to find a better deal than this.

With your new living arrangement sorted out, you’ve already cut out so much wasted time. But there is still another opportunity to maximize your minutes and it can be found within the classroom. It isn’t a rare occurrence to feel like an hour of your life is being wasted during lectures. Most students would internalize these frustrations, only to bombard their friends with complaints later. Studies have found that the best way to get rid of anger and get endorphins flowing again is to exercise and where better to do this than in your boring class!

Start by taking a jog around the room a few times and, if available, run up and down the aisle steps. This will get your heart rate going and prevent any GSIs from throwing you out of class (they have to catch you first!). Next, utilize tools around the class to work your muscles. Some equipment can include desks, textbooks, or your professor’s podium. Just be cautious not to make too much noise, as this could disrupt the class.

Now that you’ve learned to combine your lessons with leg day, this last step to maximize your time may be the most useful. Many weekends, students are faced with the two choices: going out or finishing required readings. Those who opt for one of these options though aren’t aware that there’s a third: reading while out.

Although not explicit, there are so many benefits to combining these activities. Along with having an excuse for tuning out of dreary talks (“I would love to hear about your deaf cat, but I have to finish reading!”), you can switch the conversations to more interesting topics, like your assigned reading about the Great Depression. Also, the fusion of homework and dates is a great way to keep the conversation going, especially if you have any questions about the reading. Everyone likes to impress their date, so this is a great opportunity for them to show off their knowledge.

With such a system in place, it’s guaranteed that your days will never be wasted again.

In fact, you may actually have some free time for leisure activities. So bid farewell to the fleeting pressures of Father Time and say “Hello” to your new and improved life.

Kirsty Fowler is the assistant blog editor. Contact Kirsty Fowler at [email protected].

MARCH 10, 2017