How to get iClicker points without attending class

Victoria Glynn/Staff

iClickers make it really hard to fall behind in a class. They keep us accountable for showing up to lecture and stop us from declaring that the school day is over (when we in fact still have two more lectures). We at the Clog are in no way encouraging academic dishonesty or cheating, but are instead setting forth a few creative alternatives in place of trekking to class and sitting through lecture.

 1. The drone

So first thing is first: you’re going to need to purchase a drone. These babies can go for anywhere between $29.99 and $25,999.99. You should try to opt for a smaller drone that has a silent motor, so that it doesn’t disrupt your classmates. Then, attach your iClicker to it and set up the controls to trigger the button on the iClicker. Obviously, this will only work for you if iClicker results are ungraded. If this isn’t the case, then just go to class.

2. Sit outside the class

Want to get participation but don’t feel like actually having to sit through lecture? Maybe you have a lot of work to do and don’t want to be rude and do it in class. If so, simply sit 1 foot away from the door and continuously click your iClicker for the full hour and a half of lecture. This can also be a great workout for your thumbs! Win-win situation.

3. Attach it to a messenger pigeon

Attach your iClicker to a pigeon and have it fly to your lecture hall. This method will only be successful if you actually train this bird to press buttons. On top of that, you’ll also have a pet!

4. Helicopter method 

This method is fairly similar to the previously noted “drone method.” Basically, the concept is that you buy a helicopter ride and have it hover over your lecture hall. You click your iClicker over and over until one vote goes through, and then the helicopter can take you home (or wherever your heart desires). For this method, you will obviously need to be a college student with a large disposable income (good luck with that).

5. Create an iClicker robot

We at the Clog have a lot of faith in the intelligence and ingenuity of UC Berkeley students. By creating a form of artificial intelligence to get your class participation, you’re exceeding the spectrum of laziness and taking it full circle back into hard work. So if this seems too much for you, then just suck it up and sit through class.

All in all, just go to lecture. Your life will be a lot easier.

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