How to console your friends during midterm season

Crystal Zhong/File

It’s a rough life for all of us right now. We’re in the thick of midterm season, and we’re all struggling to keep a social life (just kidding, we’re UC Berkeley students so our social life is already nonexistent) while juggling our classes. Midterms are the worst, especially because here at UC Berkeley, midterms aren’t really midterms. Midterms, which take up 20 percent of your grade in some classes, span the majority of the semester — they aren’t actually in the middle of the term. Who even came up with that name, anyway?

One way to get through “midterm season” (it’s not a season, people, it’s the UC Berkeley lifestyle) is to find support in your friends who are going through the same struggles you are — it’s a horrible situation for everyone! But, we can get through this together (maybe?) if we support one another. Here are some ways you can support your friends:

  1. Don’t be that braggy, annoying student (most UC Berkeley students know at least one) who tells everyone what they got on a test. No one cares. Literally no one.
  2. Don’t be that nosy, annoying student (we all know one of them too) who asks other people what score they got. Why do you care so much? Why? Feel free to be introspective here.
  3. Have lots of ice cream in your freezer for your friend’s post-midterm binge. Important. No explanation needed.
  4. Have money (What? Where?) to go out with your friends. Everyone needs time off.
  5. Text your friends funny emojis before and after midterms. Our personal favorites are the clown, jack-o-lantern and robot. Embrace your 5-year-old self.
  6. Sit down with your friends and go through the UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens page. Look at all the memes related to midterms, and you’ll understand that the 10,000 people who liked that meme are all in the same boat as all of you. Don’t despair!
  7. Make a countdown until spring and summer break for each of your friends because we’re all at the point of no return: anxiously waiting for summer to come.
  8. Google and tell your friends about millionaires who dropped out of college. Or who failed most of their college classes. There’s an upside to all things in life, right?
  9. Schedule and plan “Treat Yo’ Self” days where you all go out and spend way too much money (What? Where?) on things you don’t need.
  10. Watch happy movies and cry together because your lives right now are so much worse than the characters’ lives.
  11. Watch sad movies and cry together because your lives are so much worse than the characters’ lives right now.
  12. Look at old pictures with your friends from the beginning of the year and cry. Cry because you were happier, less stressed and less full of impending doom then.
  13. Cry with your friends for absolutely no reason. Cry, cry, cry, cry all day long. No explanation needed.

We hope these tips will get you and your friends through the semester, because the entire semester really is “midterm season.” Good luck to all of us poor, struggling, haven’t-slept-in-three-days UC Berkeley students. Midterm grades or not, we’re all still enrolled UC Berkeley students. That’s something to be proud of, right?

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