Campus junior Bryan Osorio announces independent candidacy for ASUC Senate

Bryan Osorio/Courtesy

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Campus junior Bryan Osorio declared his intent Sunday night to run as an independent candidate for ASUC Senate during the spring 2017 elections.

Osorio, a political science and cognitive science double major, is currently chief of staff for Senator Anthony Carrasco and was also his campaign manager during the previous election cycle.

As a first-generation Latino college student, Osorio said he decided to run for the senate in order to represent marginalized groups as well as the collective student body. His platforms revolve around improving financial aid logistics and graduate school accessibility and increasing the amount of resources within the Disabled Students’ Program.

With respect to financial aid, Osorio said he would like to focus on shortening financial aid lines, as he noted that there is a lot of stress and anxiety among students when it comes to how funds are divided among students. Osorio added that he would like to increase transparency by making students more aware of the conditions attached to their financial aid.

“(I hope to) increase transparency for scholarship funds,” Osorio said in an interview. “Some students receive a deduction (in aid) when they receive scholarships.”

If elected, Osorio also hopes to work on increasing graduate school accessibility because there are “first-generation, low-income students who do not know the importance of graduate school,” he said. He acknowledged the existence of the Getting into Graduate School program at UC Berkeley, but he stated his intention to improve it.

“It’s a great program,” Osorio said. “But I would like to improve on it … to improve test material costs and also test materials, either through subsidizing them or granting them for free.”

With regard to his platform on improving DSP resources, Osorio said he would like to create an environment wherein students can not only study but also bond with other students.

Osorio added that he intends to focus on creating a note-taking database, because although the campus has bCourses, he said, there are some lectures that cannot be posted online because not all professors use lecture slides or allow computers in class.

“We wouldn’t charge students (for the notes) — we would center it around the necessity of DSP students,” Osorio said.

Osorio mentioned that this month is DSP Month on campus. He said he hopes to establish DSP Month as an annual event of celebration and unity and to “create more community building events like these, every semester.”

Alec English, Osorio’s friend and teammate on Cal’s club baseball team, said if team members had to give out a “best human being award,” they would choose Osorio. A supporter of Osorio’s campaign, English also said he believes it is noble of Osorio to run independently.

“I think his platforms are extremely valuable,” said Carrasco. “When I heard about (them), I just thought that this is a set of issues that I know that Bryan would do an absolutely wonderful job advocating for and overseeing tangible change (for).”

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