Power ranking: best grassy knolls on campus

Heather Feibleman/Staff

The sun is shining and the temperature is rising — and we all know what that means. That’s right, Bears, it’s time to study outdoors. But where on campus should you go? We at the Clog consider ourselves sunbathing experts, and have ranked the best places to lay back and relax in the sun on campus. We’ve based our rankings on three factors: how easy it is to get to the knoll, how crowded it is (a lower score means a more crowded space) and the atmosphere.

Memorial Glade


Sean Goebel/File

Accessibility: 8/10. Smack-dab in the middle of campus, you’re usually not too far from Memorial Glade at any given point. Its central location makes it super convenient.

Crowdedness: 2/10. If the weather is nice enough to lay in the sun, you can bet that everyone you know will be on the glade. Also on the grass — the Quidditch team, two clubs and 20 people playing frisbee.

Atmosphere: 7/10. Redwoods on one side, Doe Library on the other, Memorial Glade has some lovely views. Just make sure you face away from Evans Hall.

Total: 17/30.

Goldman School of Public Policy lawn


Accessibility: 4/10. Unless you happen to be on Northside (or you happen to attend the Goldman School), it’s not likely you’ll wind up here.

Crowdedness: 8/10. This little lawn is usually empty, save for a few graduate students typing or reading on benches nearby. Take a seat wherever you’d like.

Atmosphere: 8/10. The lawn is only a few steps off of the street, but it feels removed from the hustle and bustle. The Goldman School buildings are pretty cute too.

Total: 20/30.

Outside Sproul Plaza


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Accessibility: 8/10. Sproul Plazais such a common destination for students that you’ll probably wind up there a few times a week.

Crowdedness: 5/10. Also fairly crowded (because everyone is on Sproul). It’s not as bad as Memorial Glade, though. You won’t struggle to find a spot.

Atmosphere: 8/10. The entertainment value of this lawn is not to be understated. There’s always something interesting going on, from a dance group rehearsing to a preacher lecturing.

Total: 21/30.

Near Valley Life Sciences Building


Alice Langford/File

Accessibility: 7/10. Just a few minutes from Memorial Glade, the grass surrounding VLSB is still fairly convenient for most folks.

Crowdedness: 7/10. There’s so much lawn that even if people are in the area, you’ll be sure to get a nice spot with enough space between you and any others.

Atmosphere: 9/10. This area can sometimes feel like a different campus entirely — it’s peaceful and the grandeur of VLSB is a sight to behold.

Total: 23/30.

There you have it, choose your grassy knolls with care, Bears.

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