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Power ranking: Caffe Strada pastries

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MARCH 15, 2017

You’re running to the gym at 8 a.m. Caffe Strada is open. You’re coming home at 11 p.m from a long group study session. Caffe Strada is open. It seems like the one constant in our lives is Caffe Strada — if you go there enough the baristas might just know your order, or they at least give you one of those warm smiles. But what is a Caffe Strada drink without a Caffe Strada pastry? We at the Clog are here to tell you which pastries are the best of the best, because we want you to maximize your experience at this coffee shop to its fullest potential. We will rank these tasty pastries based on texture, sweet tooth satisfaction and uniqueness.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

Texture: 5/5. This cookie is chocolate heaven. The texture is between that of a brownie, cake and normal cookie – what more could you ask for? Slightly crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, these cookies are always baked to perfection.

Sweet tooth satisfaction level: 3/5. Strada’s (subjectively) best cookie is surprisingly not an overboard of sweetness. If you’re obsessed with chocolate, like we at the Clog are, you won’t find this cookie too sweet or too chocolaty even with a chocolate drink.

Uniqueness: 3/5. The taste is quite unique (and quite delicious), but lots of cafes have double chocolate chip cookies.

Total: 11/15. Not bad, double chocolate chip cookie, not bad at all. This cookie goes well with all drinks, and you won’t be tired of it even after eating it a couple days in a row.

Apple Harvest Cake

Texture: 5/5. Eating this cake will make you feel like Remy from “Ratatouille.” Music will start playing in your head and you’ll unknowingly start smiling. This cake is moist and full of layers of apple slices and nuts. Every bite is just as delicious as the other.

Sweet tooth satisfaction level: 5/5. Strada’s Apple Harvest Cake is pretty sweet, but you don’t feel the overload because the sweetness is perfectly balanced by the apples and nuts.

Uniqueness: 5/5. We’ve personally never seen this cake anywhere else and Strada does a darn good job of it.

Total: 15/15. In our minds, this is the best pastry you can get at Strada, and each slice is pretty big, meaning you can eat the second half of it the next day! Or, like us, you can eat it all in one go — it’s up to you.  

Blueberry Scone:

Texture: 3/5. The blueberry scones are incredibly soft on the inside and outside. Even though the soft inside filled with fresh blueberries is perfection, we believe scones should be slightly hard on the outside. Because these scones aren’t, they can feel more like muffins than scones.

Sweet tooth satisfaction level: 3/5. This is a good option to pair with a coffee or steaming cup of tea. The scone isn’t extremely sweet, and it even has just a hint of salt, which adds to the overall flavor but lowers the sweetness level.

Uniqueness: 2/5. The texture is unique, but you can pretty much find blueberry scones anywhere you go.

Total: 8/15. Despite its score, the blueberry scone is a solid pick and quality option for a pastry to pair with your favorite drink.

Black Bottom Muffin

Texture: 5/5. This muffin is fluffy and isn’t as dense as a generic muffin. Rather, it resembles a cupcake or slice of chocolate cake, with a little bit of cream cheese frosting on top.

Sweet tooth satisfaction level: 3/5. This muffin is sweet but definitely not enough to give you a toothache.

Uniqueness: 2/5. Most cafes have black bottom muffins, and this muffin is quite similar to one you might find at another cafe. Delicious, but still not that unique.

Total: 10/15. A good option to have with an unsweetened drink, the black bottom muffin is a popular staple at Strada.

There you have it! Caffe Strada’s pastries have been ranked. Though we at the Clog hold all of their pastries dear to our heart, we think the Apple Harvest Cake is top notch, if that’s your cup of tea (or rather, what you should have with your cup of tea).

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MARCH 14, 2017