5 coffee shops to study at this midterm season

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MARCH 16, 2017

There’s always a point in the semester when I’m just entirely over the library life. Maybe I’ve seen the sunrise in Moffitt a few too many times. Or perhaps I just took three midterms and never want to step foot in a library again. Who’s to say? Whatever the reason, it’s nice to shake it up a bit. And with so many cafes and coffee spots near campus, Berkeley makes it so easy to do!

So, here are a few of my picks for when I have the library blues.

Caffe Strada

This on-campus classic is perfect for when the weather warms up. With lots of outdoor seats, this is the spot to snack on pastries and coffee with friends. Due to its immense popularity, it’s almost definite you’ll see familiar faces!

Café Blue Door

Located next to the Tang Center, this spot is ideal for all-day, camp-out study sessions. With lots of food and drink options, from Nutella hot chocolate to Cobb salad, this place has you covered!

Cafe Milano

Known for its cute interior (find a seat upstairs if you can!), this is a great place to do work. With the perfect level of busyness and noise, study solo or with others at this trendy spot. The only downside is that the WiFi can be a little shoddy, but that’s what hotspots are for, I suppose.

Philz Coffee on College Avenue

My senior year of high school I was probably dependent on Ecstatic Iced Coffee, and I spent a lot of time in different Phil Coffees across the Bay. So, I knew I had to throw it in the mix. No matter the location, you can always find a space to get down to work. Whether with a side of Mint Mojito or a Philz bagel, the food and, oftentimes, music, is really solid.

1951 Coffee Company

Recently opened across from Unit 3, this spot is a perfect for studying if you’re in need of a quiet, calm space. Also, the coffee, brewed with Santa Cruz’s Verve beans, is insane. When I worked as a barista in South Bay, those were the only coffee beans we ever used! 10/10 recommend. While it’s filled with mostly communal-style tables, this spot is smaller than the rest. It may make it difficult to find a seat, but still definitely recommended!

Happy studying!

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MARCH 16, 2017