A day of eating green for St. Patrick’s Day

Priyanka Karthikeyan/Staff

There are people who love St. Paddy’s Day, and then there are people who love St. Paddy’s day. Without your mom around to put green food coloring in the milk or pack you a green lunch, us diehards in the latter category are challenged to uphold the tradition of eating solely green food for the day. But never fear; we at the Clog have got you covered with a day’s worth of exclusively green food.

Caffe Strada, Mint Matcha Latte

We always start our day off with a latte, and St. Patrick’s day or not, holiday spirit is no reason for us to stop now. Switch out your normal Strada order for an emerald-colored matcha latte. Though not officially “coffee,” matcha still has caffeine properties that’ll get you jigging!

Bartavelle, Avocado Toast

After you have your morning jolt of caffeine and your day can actually start, it’s time for breakfast. Avocado toast is already a go-to, so St Paddy’s day is the perfect excuse to hit up Bartavelle and snapchat your avocado toast to your heart’s content. What? You just really love the holiday, okay.

Sweetgreen, Salad

With any salad falling safely under the “green” category, Sweetgreen is definitely the move for lunch. Extra points if you load up on strictly green toppings and veggies.

Juice Appeal, Green Buzz Smoothie

When the 4 p.m. hunger strikes and you need a quick pick me up, look no further than Juice Appeal for a smoothie. They offer several different options for green smoothies, but our fav is the Green Buzz, which is relatively fruity but finishes with a ginger kick.

Toss, Noodle bowl w/ spinach noodles

Okay, this one may be cheating a little bit because the noodles are debatably more brownish than green, but they’re on the green color spectrum, so we’ll count them. Also, Toss is too tempting to pass up, so slurp down your greenish spinach noodles with pride.

Yogurt Park, Irish Mint

It wouldn’t be right to compile a full day’s worth of green eating — or any eating, for that matter — without including Yogurt Park. Cap off your holiday with a cup of Yogurt Park’s Irish Mint. Any day is a good day when YoPo has Irish Mint, but on St. Paddy’s Day, it’s a necessity.

Happy Eats, Bears!

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