St. Patrick’s Day pick-up lines

Isabella Schreiber/Staff

St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful holiday filled with green stuff, booze, happiness and “Irish culture.” What many people don’t realize is that St. Patrick’s Day also has a lot of romantic potential. It’s one of the only opportunities for day-raging in the spring semester here at UC Berkeley, and we at the Clog think you should let loose. If you’re trying to get lucky ;) this St. Patrick’s Day, use these pick-up lines on your crush.

  1. Is there a pot at the end of your rainbow?
  2. Are you a four-leaf clover? Because I’m feeling lucky tonight!
  3. Kiss me, I’m Irish (basic, but pure genius).
  4. Can I shamrock your body?
  5. Are you a river dancer? Because you’ve stomped all over my heart.
  6. Do you want a drink?
  7. I’m Dublin the fun.
  8. Irish you were mine.
  9. Seeing you with them makes me green with envy.
  10. You’re my lucky charm.
  11. You can pinch me anywhere, if you want.
  12. Is your name Jameson? Because I wanna drink you up.
  13. How lucky do I look to you?
  14. You can chase my snake into your sea any time.

We hope you have the tools you need to get the attention of anyone you please. Whether or not they respond positively is in the hands of Oski himself. Now go out and catch your lucky leprechaun love!

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