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'The Luck of the Irish' drinking game

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MARCH 17, 2017

Alas, the luck of the Irish is finally upon us. That’s right, little leprechauns, St. Paddy’s Day is the perfect excuse to throw it back to our favorite childhood movie, “The Luck of the Irish,” and all go out on the lash. Disney truly has gone downhill from the glory days of “Kim Possible” and “That’s so Raven” to this bleak nonsense the kids are viewing these days. But not to fear, lads; we at the Clog have provided you all with a figgdy figgdy funky drinking game that will serve as a much-needed cure for your vintage Disney Channel nostalgia and help everybody get jiggy with it this Friday.

So, with out further ado, follow our guide and take a sip of your favorite Irish Ale (or Shamrock Shake if you’re not in the 21 club) whenever one of these events occurs onscreen.

  1. Sip your beer every time the announcer says Kyle in the opening scene.
  2. Sip your beer when you see Kyle’s lucky coin.
  3. Chug your beer if your middle school’s architecture was feces compared to this modern masterpiece of an academic institution.
  4. Raise your glass and chug if you’ve guessed every answer incorrectly on a test (even though we’re Berkeley students, we’ve all taken some academic Ls).
  5. Sip your beer if the music during the early dinner scene is creeping you out.
  6. Shotgun your beer if you feel the sexual tension between Kyle and Bonnie (#hotandbothered anyone?).
  7. Raise your class and chug away when the Irish music comes on and Kyle realizes he could be Irish.
  8. Drink your beer when you see the first glimpse of the jig (get #jiggywitit).
  9. Sip your beer when you first meet Grandpa O’Reilly.
  10. Drink your beer if you’re turned on by Seamus’s dancing (got us feel some typa way).
  11. Drink your beer when Kyle’s luck changes and it looks like an average day in the saddle for you.
  12. Take a fat sip of your ale if you’re starting to get stressed.
  13. Sip your beer if you aren’t about Kyle and Bonnie (#notrelationshipgoals).
  14. Raise your glass if you wish that the Drake in this movie was actually Champagne Papi (why you gotta fight with us at Cheesecake?).
  15. Take a sip of your ale every time there’s a potato reference.
  16. Drink your beer every time they say the word “wee.”
  17. Drink your beer every time they say the word “da.”
  18. Shotgun a beer if you’re low key stoked to see Seamus’s funky outfit once more.
  19. Drink your beer if you’re disappointed to see him in layman’s clothes.
  20. Raise your class and chug if Saint of the Step should be your new finsta (#saintinthestreet #sataninthesheets).
  21. Drink your beer if Bonnie’s snakeskin jacket makes you feel alive.
  22. Drink your beer if Grandpa O’Reilly’s sudden beard growth threw you off.
  23. Finish your beer if you would take the gold coins and dip back to Ireland to swerve the American political climate.
  24. Chug your beer if you are hot and bothered by the hurling outfits.
  25. Take a fat shot when you see the clogs featured in the jig!!! (#peaceloveclog)
  26. Drink your beer if you’re confused as to how Seamus is playing in a literal middle school basketball game, given that he’s probably in his mid-thirties.
  27. Drink your beer if all of this green makes you crave Great Gatsby, ole sports.
  28. Drink your beer if you have heart eyes for Kyle’s dancing performance yet are slightly alarmed by his armpit sweat (#tweenpuberty).
  29. And lastly, chug the rest of your beer if you wish America were still as diverse and tolerant as the final scene of this movie (#bonnieandkyleforever)!

There you have it, Cloggers, have a jolly good time sippin’ on some ale (or an alcohol-free option such as a litty Shamrock Shake) whilst enjoying this classic St. Paddy’s Day delight. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Nichole Bloom is the assistant blog editor. Contact Nichole Bloom at [email protected].

MARCH 17, 2017