Juvenile falls off bridge into Strawberry Creek

Andrea Platten/Staff

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A male juvenile fell over a railing into the Strawberry Creek bank Sunday afternoon.

The fall occurred about 12:25 p.m. near Haas Pavilion and the Valley Life Sciences Building on the Berkeley campus. The juvenile was transported to a local children’s hospital to treat his injuries, according to UCPD Officer Daniel Labat, and was conscious when paramedics transported him with a stretcher.

Multiple bystanders said the fall appeared to be accidental after the juvenile leaned too far over the railing.

To onlooker Connor Carroll, a UC Berkeley freshman, the bridge over Strawberry Creek is a hazard to safety by its design. He noted that when people lean over the railing, their center of mass is not always lower than the fence, putting them at risk for a fall.

“It’s an old fence that has a lot of value,” Carroll said. “But as far as I’m concerned as a student and in terms of safety, that doesn’t matter to me — the sentimental value — when it comes to people falling off and getting hurt.”

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