SQUELCH! announces Ghost as 2017-18 presidential candidate

Ethan Schlatter/Courtesy

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SQUELCH! announced Sunday its satirical ASUC presidential candidate, Ghost, who is running a spirited campaign on platforms of improving campus buildings, expanding student housing and increasing transparency in the ASUC.

Ghost has had a presence on campus for “quite a while,” according to Ethan Schlatter, the co-creative director for SQUELCH! and current presidential nominee as proxy for the candidate. Although Ghost, who is majoring in history and anthropology, has approached SQUELCH! in past years to run as the party’s satirical presidential candidate, the opportunity could not take form until now, Schlatter said.

Two of Ghost’s platforms revolve around increasing student housing and improving the quality of campus buildings — something Schlatter said has always been an important issue for Ghost.

“Ghost identifies with people who have experienced mortal peril before and thinks it’s very important to create a safe campus environment,” Schlatter said. 

If elected, Ghost intends to create more affordable housing for students and update campus buildings in need of retrofitting or structural improvements, such as the Units. Specifically, Ghost said it would like to make Unit 3 safer for incoming students.

Ghost plans to make sure that on-campus buildings meet earthquake safety standards so that those who perish in earthquakes may “endlessly wander the halls of intact buildings, rather than miserably floating through sad and aesthetically unappealing piles of rubble,” according to Ghost’s official platforms. Even though earthquake retrofitting may be a daunting task, Ghost has faith that it can be done, Schlatter said.

Unlike students who only occupy a physical presence, Ghost will be able to increase transparency within the ASUC both “literally and figuratively.” It would like to make the ASUC more accessible to all members of the community and not just those who are sentient.

“It really wants to share everything going on with the public, but also being a physical presence there, it will increase transparency within the ASUC,” Schlatter said.

Overall, Ghost wants to ensure students needs are met because it has struggled to get the “appropriate resources to meet its unique needs” in the past.

Ghost has already been endorsed by last year’s satirical presidential candidate, Kira the Husky.

In prior years, SQUELCH! has chosen to run satirical executive candidates in order to help alleviate stress surrounding ASUC campaigning season. Schlatter said that as a presidential candidate, Ghost attempts to embody this effort, constantly cracking jokes throughout its campaign.

“It finds itself no different — just the way people see it is different,” Schlatter said.

SQUELCH! released two senate candidates Feb. 12. The ASUC elections are scheduled to occur April 10, 11 and 12.

Cassandra Vogel is the university news editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @cass_vogxz.