Editor’s note: Spring Break Guide 2017

Fabiha Fairooz/Staff

Every year, we drop all academic responsibilities and fucking rage for a whole week. Maybe you’ll remember some of it, maybe you won’t, but you definitely won’t open a textbook. It’s important to us here at the Clog to bring you the content you crave and the advice you need, so we made your spring break experience a priority.

Below you will find some useful advice about what to read or watch next week; we’ll help you navigate the complications of seeing asshats from high school, who slap you with backhanded compliments every time you see them; and give you the altogether useless piece of information that is what type of swimsuit suits your personality.

In any case, you’ll be prepared for the upcoming festivities. Have a very lovely spring break, Bears – just promise us you’ll prioritize fun over school.

Peace, love, Clog.

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