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How to take Instagram-worthy pictures without going anywhere

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MARCH 21, 2017

With spring break finally upon us, students everywhere are finalizing plans, booking flights and packing bags. You’ll soon know everything about anyone hitting up Cabo, Miami or any other typical college-student-on-spring-break destination through their Instagram feed, because “pics or it didn’t happen,” obviously. For the rest of us who aren’t able to enjoy the sun-soaked resort cities of the world, home is next on the list for our nine-day vacation.

We at the Clog understand your wearisome struggle, and as always, we have your backs covered. With a creative mind, you definitely don’t need to go anywhere for some pretty amazing Insta-worthy pics.

Wine & Dine

It already sounds like a five-star restaurant serving four-course meals with three-digit prices, doesn’t it? But don’t panic just yet; this option is extremely cheap, and you won’t even have to leave your house. Just Google a “quick and easy” recipe online and go out earlier that day to buy the ingredients (if you don’t already have them). Pasta is usually the easiest, cheapest and safest go-to option, especially given that you can get creative and add anything you want to it — it can also look both presentable and expensive. If, however, you want to really up the ante and garner as many likes as possible, why not try cooking a steak or some ribs?

Voilá! An elegant meal that screams sophistication and quality. Now all you have to do is pour yourself some wine, dim the lights, light a few candles and take your pictures. This is a foolproof way to make others think you’re at a fine dining restaurant and having the time of your life — and really, why wouldn’t you be? If you want to go all out, serve up two plates of dinner and make this a date night 2.0. Plus, there’s really nothing quite better than cooking dinner for two and getting to eat them both.

Outfit changes

On the rare occasion that you do set foot into the outside world, you should need to take up this opportunity for the sake of Instagram responsibility. It’s highly likely that sometime during that week you’ll go outdoors at least once, whether it’s to the theaters with old friends or dinner with your family. It might not be Cabo, but it’s the closest you’re going to get. Whenever this one outdoor journey occurs, be ready. Find the biggest tote bag or backpack you have and throw in a few different outfits. When you’re out and about, simply change whenever possible and take a new set of photos. This will ensure that you can post many pictures from the same day while making it look like you were at different events with a plethora of activities to keep you busy.

You’ll feel like a model going through that many outfit changes and constant photographs, which will only do wonders for your self-esteem and ego. Remember to take a few group shots if you’re out with family or friends, as well as individual full-length portraits, head shots and, of course, selfies in each of the outfits you brought. It may take some time and effort initially, but you’ll be set for the entire week to come — so who’s really winning?

Take a picture of a picture

Now, this may seem a bit extreme, but we at the Clog believe you should go big or go home. If you can’t be in Miami, then just Google some pictures and either upload that straight to Instagram or take a picture of the picture. If you’re worried about lying, then don’t — simply post the picture to Instagram without a comment. If anyone catches you or asks questions, you can always say that that’s what you were wishing you could do. And that’s definitely not a lie, so you’re in the clear.

 Don’t be a sheep

This final option is one you may not initially think is a good idea, but upon further thought will realize that it’s actually quite genius. Instead of feeling the pressure to post about the grandness of what you did during spring break, why not just post the truth? We all know you’re curled up in bed binge-watching Netflix with all sorts of snacks surrounding you, so why even bother lying? Go ahead and post a picture of what you’re really doing and feel the satisfaction of telling the truth. This is your most contented self after all, and you should really be doing what you enjoy anyway. Everyone will appreciate your honesty and courage, and it won’t be long before the likes start rolling in.

Whether you have elaborate spring break plans or are spending the next nine days at home catching up on sleep, we at the Clog hope you enjoy your well-deserved break. Either way, you now have some guaranteed techniques to up your Insta game and prove that you don’t have to travel across the country to get your followers to double tap.

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MARCH 21, 2017