Quiz: How much of spring break will you remember?

Kristine Wong/File

Whether you’re beer-bonging off a balcony, draining shooters in an LA night club or slurping Malibu straight from the bottle on the beach, this spring break you’ll probably encounter the substance that makes you nom, vom and forget: alcohol. Just how much of spring break will alcohol wipe from your memory?

  1. What are you up to this spring break?
    1. Just going home to hang with my doggo – maybe watch some ‘Game of Thrones’ in preparation for the new season.
    2. I’ll probably bop around in SoCal for a while, hit some waves, smoke some pot and just chill at the beach.
    3. Gonna wil’ out in the Florida Keys, baby!
  2. What’s your favorite alcohol for regular sippin’?
    1. A good, crisp wine can never do you wrong.
    2. I prefer an IPA when I’m feeling fancy, but it’s mostly racks of Simpler Times for me.
    3. I love a strong cocktail like a mint julep or margarita to sip on.
  3. What’s your favorite alcohol for partying?
    1. Suckling at the teat of a wine bag is one of life’s greatest joys.
    2. Shotgunning a shitty beer is the purest form of raging.
    3. Deciding it’s a Four Loco night is how you prove to the world that you’re hard as fuck.
  4. How badly do you wanna pet your friends’ pet macaw?
    1. I’m afraid of birbs.
    2. I don’t care if he bites. I’m 18 years old and I can do whatever I want.
    3. OMG dude, it’s Rio!
  5. How sunburnt are you planning on getting?
    1. That’s so damaging to your skin – I always wear at least 30 SPF.
    2. I simply want a rosy hue that fades into tan.
    3. Looking to get fucking roasted.
  6. How much do your friends like you?
    1. I think I’m awesome, so probably a lot.
    2. I like having a larger group of friends, so I’d say I’m pretty well-liked. They say the key to getting people to like you is being nice to them. Just what I’ve heard.
    3. I am always the life of the party – all my friends look to me when they want to play beer die. Although, that might not mean they like me TBH.
    1. Perhaps you’ll sip sauvignon blanc from an ice cold wine glass while your dog warms your feet and the spring sunshine spills onto your face. You’ll remember most of your spring break, and you’ll definitely remember to act like a douche.
    2. We can see you now: clinking beer bottles with your pals, maybe passing around a joint and laughing jovially. There’s always that one friend who gets the beer bong out, though, and this pal happens to be you! The only thing you’ll remember before you black out is forcing all your amigos to drain three beers through a makeshift beer bong. Enjoy the moment, my man.
    3. Ah, there’s nothing quite like drinking dawn ’til dusk for a straight week. All you’ll remember from spring break is having a fucking radical time – and your new butt cheek tattoo will be a lasting memory.

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