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11 things you’ll definitely do your 1st semester at UC Berkeley

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MARCH 23, 2017

While everyone’s first semester is filled with unique memories, there are some events that seem to unite every UC Berkeley student. Here are some of the highlights.

Hike “The Big C”

Quite literally a massive “C,” this spot is all that people talk about during their first week. Be prepared to see lots of artsy Insta’s of roommates on a swing. It’s basically a must.

Join UC Berkeley Memes For Edgy Teens

Honestly, this is probably why you’re here anyway, right? Having guest appearances by Martin Shkreli and Robert Reich’s wife, it’s pretty amazing. Added plus, basically every college student nationwide tries to join. Rookie mistake.

Get lost in Dwinelle

Confusing for novices and experts alike, this maze-like space takes a bit of time to adjust to (or your entire college career). With hidden bathrooms and stairwells in addition to incomprehensible maps, it’s probably best to leave a little early for class.

To frat or not to frat

For some, this becomes an integral part of the Berkeley experience for all four years, but as a freshman, you’ll most likely find yourself going rogue in a fraternity during Welcome Week. Remember, rush Delta Chi Theta Sigma Beta Phi!

Lose your key/Cal ID

Warning — this has undoubtedly happened to every UC Berkeley student at least five times. To avoid being a “loser,” definitely invest in a key fob or lanyard. To be honest, not much is worse than waking up your roommate and begging them to let you in.

Skip class to study for the same/another class

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Explore SF

With San Francisco only a Bart or Uber ride away, there’s no excuse to not explore! From Fisherman’s Wharf to Golden Gate Park, there’s so much to see and do. If you find yourself bored on a weekend, this is always a good way to escape the Berkeley Bubble.

Join a protest

Do you even go here if you haven’t protested on Sproul Plaza? If you haven’t, get on that.

Throw up in a dorm bathroom

We’ve all been there.

Get sick every two seconds

Maybe you have a flawless immune system, it really doesn’t matter. All of that goes out the window in college. When everyone’s together all of the time, on-hand NyQuil and tissues are a must.

Pierce/dye/tattoo something

Ah, the feeling of rebellion. We at the Clog have all spent a lot of time at Industrial Tattoo and Piercing our first semester. Whether you want to fulfill your wish of having pink hair or brave a septum piercing, you’ll for sure find yourself artfully hiding it on FaceTime (sorry, Mom and Dad!).

Welcome to Berkeley, newbies, and as always, Go Bears!

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MARCH 23, 2017