Going to Cabo without actually going to Cabo

Jenisha Sabaratnam/File

“Dude, how was spring break?” all of your friends will ask you this week.

And you’re going to respond (after reading this article), “Dude, it was amazing — I went to Cabo!”

Sure, you didn’t actually go to Cabo, but do your other friends really need to know that? Based on all of the Facebook photos, Instagram “finsta” pictures and hung over students walking around campus, you’ve basically experienced the exact chain of events that happened in Mexico over break. You don’t need to go to Cabo to really be there — our peers have helped us live vicariously through them. So without further ado, we at the Clog (who were most definitely not in Cabo last week) present what Cabo Spring Break is all about.

Mango Deck

What is this mysterious Mango Deck? Well, every Cal student that goes to Cabo talks about the infamous Mango Deck. With a little sleuthing, we found out that Mango Deck is a popular bar and restaurant on Medano Beach.

Buzzwords you need to know: Mango Deck (of course), bar, restaurant, Medano Beach.

Booze Cruise

This cruise is exactly what its name sounds like. When Berkeley students post those blurry pictures online, chances are high that they were on the Cabo Booze Cruise. Basically, it’s a giant dance party with free alcohol on a boat.

Buzzwords you need to know: Booze, cruise.

Those annoying headband/bandana things

If you truly went to Cabo, you have to have one of those headbands that says Berkeley or Golden Bears on it. Apparently they’re called CaboBandz, but honestly, as long as you claim to have a headband with some Berkeley-affiliated logo on it, people won’t second-guess you.

Buzz words to know: Headband.

Clothes/shoes you took with you

Did you take your Rainbows? Your floral button-down shirt? What about sunglasses? High-rise denim shorts? Boat shoes? Swimsuit? If you casually drop even two of these clothing items or shoe brands into conversation, then you were totally well prepared for the Mexican spring break weather.

Buzzwords to know: Rainbows, floral shirt, sunglasses, boat shoes, swimsuit.

Key Landmarks

Playa del Amor, or Lover’s Beach, is a popular beach near Medano Beach. Just know the name. And that sea cliff arch everyone takes the obligatory (and basic) Instagram picture in front of is called El Arco.

Buzzwords to know: Playa del Amor, Lover’s Beach, Medano Beach, El Arco.

Don’t remember anything

Did you really go to Cabo if you remember all of the details from your whirlwind trip? No, you didn’t. So don’t really remember much — just kind of hem and haw through your conversation with your friends and people will surely believe you.

Buzzwords to know: n/a.

Going to Cabo is most likely rather rowdy, but it’s good fun. Long, but also a blur. But you wouldn’t have it any other way. Even though you might’ve not actually gone to Mexico, thanks to our friends who did, we know what happened in Cabo probably better than they do.

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