How to keep the spring break mood alive

Maya Kandell/Staff

Put down your sunglasses and beer cozies, Bears, spring break is officially over. We at the Clog are in mourning, too. Instead of facing it, however, we’ve decided to compile our best ways to remain in denial about the end of the break.

Fill your homestead with sand

If you can’t make it to the beach, bring the beach to you! We at the Clog recommend repurposing the sand you inevitably brought home in your shoes and shorts to fill your apartment. Turn on your brightest lamp, slip on some sunglasses and enjoy the peace before your roommates make you vacuum.

Demand little umbrellas in all of your drinks

Nothing puts us in a tropical mood like those little umbrellas that often come in drinks. To keep that mood going, add an umbrella to everything you drink this week: coffee, tea, water. Unfortunately, some establishments don’t provide these umbrellas, so you should pack your own just in case.

Wear your swimsuit under (or as) your clothes

Can’t let go of your cute new spring break suit? Run out of quarters for the washing machine? Whatever the reason, don’t let the end of the break stop you from rocking your beachwear. Repurpose a cute bikini top or one-piece for an edgy look, or simply disregard all fashion rules and rock board shorts in lieu of actual shorts (we won’t judge).

Take a minivacation to a new library

Have Berkeley’s views already bored you? Treat your eyes to a whole new scene by studying in a library that you don’t usually visit. If you spend most of your time in the classic, ornate rooms of Doe Library, try the East Asian Library for a change.

Try out our tips, Bears, and keep the party going until Dead Week rolls around.

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