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Last-minute travel: Washington, D.C.

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APRIL 06, 2017

Spring break should make you think of sun, sand and shots. It should make you think of that perfect insta — sunset backdrop, drinks cheersing, caption: “Nights I will never remember with the people I will never forget xoxo (insert appropriate emojis).”

I definitely was not thinking of these things when I booked my trip to the East Coast. In fact, I don’t know what I was thinking. Perhaps I was missing England and wanted the rain or someone’s sweaty armpit thrust in my face on the subway or maybe I just wanted a cronut. Needless to say I got all these things and they were fantastic. This is for last-minute travelers, so in case you too decide to jet to Washington, D.C., on a shoestring, these are the things you can enjoy.

Washington, D.C., is a place oozing with culture. The National Mall is chockablock with free museums and the metro is cheap and easy to navigate. The people in Washington, D.C., who we met were lovely, intelligent and energetic.

1. The Newseum

If you have any simmering interest in journalism, the press or FAKE NEWS, this museum is the place to go. If you’re short on time, head straight to the sixth floor for a view of the Capitol, do not miss the FBI section and the Pulitzer Prize Gallery. The price may seem steep but it was so worth it, as now, more than ever, we need to be critical of our news and examine our sources.

Entry for a student = $24

2. Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors

There are a certain number of timed passes they give out every day, the queue starts at 9:30 a.m. and the tickets are distributed at 10 a.m. I myself am not quite an art connoisseur and I enjoyed it, however, with fear of sounding like your mother, wear good shoes! The whole exhibition feels like one big queue, and you’re only allowed in each of the mirror rooms for 20 seconds.

India Clare/Blog Staff;  Me and my good shoes
'All The Eternal Love I Have For Pumpkins' (Ft. India & Alex)
India Clare/Blog Staff; “All The Eternal Love I Have For Pumpkins” (Ft. India & Alex)
The end of the exhibit you get to add 5 dots to this room
India Clare/Blog Staff; At the end of the exhibit you get to add five dots to this room

3. Happy Hour

Happy hour in Washington, D.C., is serious business. A vital piece of information that I missed: ‘HBS’ is an acronym for Harvard Business School — people will “humbly” drop that into conversation, after which the natural response is to conclude that they must have a huge penis and a tiny ego.

4. Walking Tour

All the buildings in Washington, D.C., are monumental. You could spend an afternoon walking up and down the National Mall and just take in the architecture, which attempts to include the identity or purpose of the building.

India Clare/Blog Staff; View of Lincoln Memorial from the Washington Monument
India Clare/Blog Staff; Lincoln Memorial
India Clare/Blog Staff; The Washington Monument
India Clare/Blog Staff; ‘House of Cards’ title sequence?
India Clare/Blog Staff

5. Medium-Rare (not veggie-friendly — sorry, Berkeley)

A $20 set menu: bread, house salad and steak and fries. The food is scrumptious and it has a ridiculous accolade of awards from many blogs I have never heard of displayed all over the restaurant. You can ask the waiter for a Sharpie and write your name on the walls.

Overall, Washington, D.C., was a fantastic experience and despite the current political turmoil the free-and-democratic ambience was not affected. I would recommend this to anyone who wanted to get a flavor of the United States’ past, present and future.

Contact India Clare at [email protected].

APRIL 06, 2017