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Spring break snapchats you definitely saw last week

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APRIL 06, 2017

We at the Clog love social media, and we especially love Snapchat, but we noticed some unfortunate abuse of this beloved platform this spring break. If you spent any time on your phone last week, you probably saw some of these cliched (and a little annoying) spring break-themed snapchats.

The “I’m in Cabo and still lit”

Were you really drunk for a week if you didn’t snap it? I think not. This snap definitely made a feature this past week. From the famous “Cabo” headbands that are an absolute must, to 3 a.m leaps into the ocean, looks like a fiesta from here.

The “I’m home, so I can eat real food again”

It seems that whenever everyone’s home half the snapchats become food, and rightfully so. When Mom and Dad are there to help out (bless), we poor students are treated to the fancy steak and sushi dinners — and mom’s homemade food of course.

The “You can’t hear the music, but I’m at a rave, I promise”

Characterized by the flashing lights, shaky hand, and 100-second story, this one is easy to spot. With Beyond and Ultra both last week, how could you not?

The “World traveller”

This one is basically for all those who traveled abroad. From the snaps of your ticket, to the Eiffel Tower, I felt like I saw it all last week. But honestly, it’s really the geofilters that tell me what’s up because that random statue/building/street sign definitely provided zero clues.

The “I’m not from NorCal and so there’s actually a beach/sun where I live”

Shoutout to my roommate from Florida, who continuously reminded me that she lives by the beach. Yes, I’m jealous, but also happy for you. Soak in those rays. Question hot dogs or legs, I live for it.

Until next year, folks!

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APRIL 06, 2017