2017 ASUC election endorsements

With the 2017 ASUC election fast approaching, here are our endorsements for the executive positions.

Zaynab AbdulQadir-Morris for president

As a current ASUC senator who ran on a platform of representing students of color, AbdulQadir-Morris has shown incredible competence when following through on promises, and we believe it will translate into her presidential platform to improve campus climate.

— Daily Californian Editorial Board

Helen Yuan for executive vice president

Despite running unopposed, Helen Yuan did not phone this one in. Her feasible plans are in line with student concerns and demonstrate a clear understanding of the executive vice president’s role.

— Daily Californian Editorial Board

Rigel Robinson for external affairs vice president

Among his competition — Student Action candidate Raj Bhargava and Defend Affirmative Action Party candidate Gabriela Takahashi — Robinson is in a league of his own. In fact, after interviewing candidates for every executive position, the Editorial Board felt that Robinson was the clear standout for his experience, eloquence and detailed plans for reform.

— Daily Californian Editorial Board

Andrew-Ian Bullitt for academic affairs vice president

This endorsement was not an easy decision. This board carefully weighed the option to not endorse a candidate for the position. We ultimately decided, however, that a nonendorsement should be made only when a candidate would harm our student body — and that, at least, is not the case with Bullitt.

— Daily Californian Editorial Board

Jillian Free for student advocate

In sharp contrast, Free has a clear understanding of the capacity of the office and knows how to use it effectively. Many of her platforms are continuations of and improvements on work that has been carried out under previous student advocates.

— Daily Californian Editorial Board

Editorials represent the majority opinion of the Editorial Board as written by the opinion editor.

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