Daily Cal participates in Impact Journalism Day

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For many university students and young people around the world, the 2016-17 academic year has not been very hopeful. There is a sense that world leaders are shying away from addressing global problems such as climate change and forced migration, and yet, as the generation with the greatest level of higher education, we are acutely aware of how seriously these problems threaten our future.

For this reason, we have realized the need to take action.

On Monday, as part of Impact Journalism Day Universities, student newspapers from 20 renowned universities, united by Sparknews, are collectively sharing stories about 30 student initiatives that aim to address serious social and environmental problems.

By writing about these innovative projects, the 20 participating student newspapers show the collective force that the media has to catalyze change. From teaching each other how to use computer science for social good, to creating platforms that crowdfund for university fees, to providing peer support for mental health, to sharing education with refugees, these stories show that students are actively challenging the notion that nothing can be done.

Additionally, by each newspaper sharing their articles with each other, student journalists are given broad visibility, and the individual actions of young people will be seen around the world, offering these initiatives the chance to grow and be replicated. One fortunate student will also be invited to attend the One Young World conference in Bogotá to meet with other pioneering young leaders.

Louis Slade is the manager of Impact Journalism Day Universities, and Christian de Boisredon is the founder of Sparknews.

Contact Louis Slade and Christian de Boisredon at [email protected].