Excuses you can’t use to not work out now that Memorial Gym is open

Isabelle Doerschlag/Staff

Memorial Gym had its grand reopening this week and everyone is talking about it. It’s great that Memorial Gym reopened, and we’re all super stoked about it, but there are definitely some downsides. Now, we have lost so many excuses to put off working out and are now burdened with the constant pressures of that dreaded question: “Do you want to go work out?” How will we respond now? How are you going to convince yourself that it’s, in fact, okay to put off your physical fitness?

You might hear yourself saying, “It’s so far, I don’t feel like walking there!” If you’re living on the south side of campus, this is no longer an excuse you can make when getting out of a work out. Chances are, if you’re living on or near Greek Row, you’re steps away from your workout. Some say that this excuse was filled with irony, due to the fact that walking down to the Recreational Sports Facility was, essentially, your entire workout, but we at the Clog understand your struggle.

Do you really even deserve to get credit for your walk to RSF? Unless you have a fancy Fitbit or Apple Watch, do those steps really even count? If there’s no proof of them, they may as well not have happened. On top of that, the entire mentality of going to workout seems a lot more looming if a long walk is part of the plan. It’s easy to push yourself to do 30 minutes of cardio, but it’s a little harder to convince yourself to tack on a 15 minute just to walk there.

Or you might be in the “I don’t have time to workout” camp. As students, we all have so much to do in a day, so setting precious time aside for working out instead of nice, relaxing Netflix binge sessions. So, this one we do understand. If you’re living in Clark Kerr, Unit 1, or Unit 2, walking to and from RSF can turn your “quick workout” into an hour-and-a-half ordeal.

Now that Memorial Gym has reopened, it is much easier to pop in an out for an actual quick workout. But with the nice machines that allow you to watch Netflix while working out, your quick workout may seamlessly turn into watching a full season of “Gilmore Girls.”

Although you can’t use these excuses anymore, we’re sure that there are still a lot more out there to avoid that trip to the gym.

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