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Gushing over the Clog's favorite childhood snacks

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APRIL 12, 2017

Who doesn’t love childhood snacks? Anytime you’re looking for a little nostalgia, something perfectly unhealthy, or something to ease your boredom while studying, you can eat a few Gushers and feel good about yourself.

These snacks have a special place in all of our hearts, and help us UC Berkeley students get through the hard times — aka all the times. Let’s make these childhood snacks the it/cool/hip snacks once again!

Fruit Gushers

Yes, yes and yes. These magnificent color bombs filled with gushing liquid are one of the best childhood snacks out there. They have a wonderful artificial “fruit” flavor and they stick together in incredibly artistic shapes. When you take a bite of Gushers, you’ll be transported back to the wonderful, sunny days of childhood, in which you had absolutely nothing to worry about. Those were the days.

Sour Patch Kids

Remember when these were the “it” snack? They’re a wonderful combination of sweet and sour, and they come in really fun shapes! You’ll eat a few Sour Patch Kids and think of bringing packages to school to help you get into the “cool kids” group. We at the Clog know that we all really miss those awkward middle school days. Seventh grade was one of our best years!


SpaghettiOs totally taste like real pasta. The flavor similarity is just remarkable. These fun O’s were the talk of the town when we were all young. You could easily heat them up (aka a big deal for you as a kid) and eat a bowl full of sickly sweet sort-of-tomato flavored pasta. Who wouldn’t want to bring this culinary delight back?

Fun Dip

Fun Dip is another snack that made you practically famous among your elementary school peers — just like Sour Patch Kids. You would also often get these on Valentine’s Day, which made it one of the best days ever. Who didn’t love dipping a strangely confusing-tasting white stick into some equally confusing-tasting artificial powder? It was both a delicious and exciting experience all in one!


These were one of the top snacks in the early 2000s. They came in many versions, the most popular being fake cheese and breadsticks and Oreo sticks and white cream. They’re both perfectly artificial with most likely nothing beneficial for you. We would bring these to class and eat them in front of our friends — and yeah, if a few people were cool, they could have a breadstick or two. Honestly, carrying one of these flavorful packs made you the center of attention in elementary school.

We at the Clog know that if we could all go back to the days of fantastically artificial unhealthy snacks, we all would. Especially because as children, we literally had nothing to do, nowhere to go, and nothing to worry about. But hey, being a college student is great! We would really choose that over being a child! Really!

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APRIL 12, 2017