Quiz: Should you snap for that?

Winky Wong/File

As every UC Berkeley student knows, the best way to show your support or agreement with someone is to snap. Sometimes, however, it’s not the right time to snap. Take this quiz to find out how you should best show your agreement. Snap on, Bears.

  1. Do you know the person speaking?
    1. Yes! She’s in my GWS discussion, and she’s such a woke queen!
    2. No, my professor invited him to speak in class.
    3. Yeah, it’s my best friend.
  2. What are they talking about?
    1. She’s performing an original slam poem about the female experience.
    2. I’m not totally sure. It’s some kind of physics that is completely beyond my ability to comprehend.
    3. A (mostly) sarcastic rant about the state of UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens.
  3. Describe your general surroundings.
    1. A small, indie coffee shop that only serves organic, fair-trade, free-roast, gluten-free, vegan drip coffees, filled with hipsters that definitely live in Kingman.
    2. A Latimer lecture hall. It’s a bit dreary and someone in the back is crying quietly.
    3. On the balcony of our dorm/apartment, looking out towards the bay.
  4. Would it be inappropriate to clap right now?
    1. I don’t want to upset the vibe of the room, so I’m going to hold off.
    2. Who the fuck would clap for a physics lecture?
    3. It would be extra, but not unwarranted.
  5. Are you woke?
    1. What kind of question is that? Of course I’m woke! I’ve taken so many ethnic studies classes that I can totally comprehend the experience.
    2. I try to stay informed and aware, but I still slip up.
    3. There are some who would call me a woke bae.
  6. What are you drinking right now?
    1. Kombucha or matcha from a mason jar.
    2. My third energy drink of the day.
    3. Water with some lemon slices in it.
    1. You should totally snap for this.
    2. Do not snap! We repeat, do not snap!.
    3. You shouldn’t actually snap, but you should say, “Snaps to that.”

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