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How to deal those painful post-spring break sunburns

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APRIL 14, 2017

The rain and gloom may be here to stay, but guess what? So are the irritating effects of your Cabo sunburns (yes, we’re still talking about the glory days of you basking in the sun during spring break)! Now that you’ve endured redness and inflammation on some of the worst places on your body, it’s time for the inevitable peeling of your skin in those oh-so-terrible spots to begin. But hey, on the bright side, it’s finally your chance to see for yourself what it’s like when a Haas major sheds its snake skin and yet again emerges as the same old vicious and obnoxious business student.

All jokes aside, we at the Clog are here to help as best as we can. Flaky and dry skin sucks, and trying to peel it off yourself can only make it worse. So, without further ado, here’s our guide to dealing with your prolonged, post-spring break, peeling sunburns.

Take an ice bath

Taking a bath when you’re older may seem kind of weird (and most of us aren’t pro athletes), so taking an ice bath definitely isn’t the norm. But trust us. If you’re looking to soothe your irritated skin and slow down the peeling process, anything cold is bound to help burned skin. So, plop your bath bomb in there and get going. If this seems too much for you, though (or you have a grimy dorm tub), we have a wimp version prepared. Instead, take a towel, put some ice in it and place it on the location of your peeling sunburn.

Take a lukewarm bath

We know, we know. Now we’re using a weird word — “lukewarm” — AND telling you to take a bath. We at the Clog don’t want to sound like your kooky aunt who tends to offer outlandish suggestions, but if you want a quick and painless way to quickly get rid of your already peeling skin, soaking the affected areas in warm (not hot, for the love of god!) water will do the trick. Be sure to take a washcloth and wipe the excess flakes off. Immediately get out of the bathtub after this step to avoid sitting in your own dead skin. Gross.

Buy an aloe vera plant

We all know aloe vera is found in moisturizers and is a great ingredient when it comes to soothing and calming the skin, so why not just get your hydration straight from the source? It can be a lot cheaper than buying an expensive, high-end moisturizer, makes for great decor in your home and is also kind of like a pet that’s easy to take care of! Sadly, you’ll have to cut the leaves off of your new pet in order to actually use the liquid from the aloe vera to reduce any sort of irritation; but on the flip side, you can kiss your peeling sunburns goodbye.

Soak yourself in various foodstuffs

We’re not going to tell you to take a bath again, because that’s just weird, so we’re going to tell you to soak your sunburns in various foods to reduce the peeling and calm your skin down. Good choices include yogurt, tomatoes, oatmeal, milk and baking soda. The best part? You get to eat the remedy once it’s (hopefully) done its job. But please, don’t eat baking soda. We know you go to UC Berkeley and you’re smart, but sometimes people take us way too seriously. So please, just don’t.

Drink water

One of the best ways to keep your skin hydrated, and therefore not flakey, is to drink water. It’s simple enough, but it’s a basic remedy that can typically be forgotten. Don’t, however, get carried away. This isn’t a water-drinking contest or anything (which we don’t recommend trying because it’s dumb), so don’t consume too much water too quickly. Osmosis is still a thing, people.

We wish you the best of luck on your journey to healing your peeling sunburns. Soaking up the sun was fun, but now it’s time to face the consequences. Oh, and if you’re a Haashole, just remember that there probably isn’t a cure for your peeling skin, sunburn or not. You’re a snake now, so you just better embrace it.

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APRIL 14, 2017