Tabs every UC Berkeley student has open when writing an essay

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Perhaps it’s all of those timed essays from our high school years. Or maybe we actually find comfort in cramming rather than simply doing work on time. Whatever the case, somehow, no matter how early a paper is assigned, we UC Berkeley students always manage to put it off until full-blown crunch mode is required. When we do actually sit down to do it, there are some common tabs that always seem to pop up as a part of the process.

We at the Clog have compiled a list of browser tabs every Berkeley student seems to have open whilst writing a paper.


Yes, we’ve all been fed the line that “Wikipedia is not a reliable source” and therefore should not be used as a legitimate research tool. Regardless, this is still the first link everybody clicks on when trying to actually understand the research topic we’ve been assigned to write 10 pages about.


Getting in the writing groove is challenging enough without being subject to the obnoxious Cheeto crunching of your library neighbor. No matter if you’re an “instrumental acoustics” type of person or a “Get Turnt” studier, Spotify is essential while crafting a paper.


Remember when we learned the difference between Chicago and MLA formatting for citations in middle school? Neither do we. Obviously, EasyBib is up and running, just an easy click away.


Assuming that it’s not broken down, CalCentral is a must when checking page requirements and grade percentage. It’s also advisable to have the assignment screen open so you don’t drop dead of panic during the inevitable 11:59 submitting scramble.

link to the link of the link of the first buzz quiz you clicked on … 4 tabs ago

Of course you are going to check what kind of cupcake you would be, or what your astrology sign says about which celebrity you should marry.


You aren’t fooling anyone. We know you didn’t just happen to think of the words propitious or egregious while penning your essay. Thankfully, our pals Merriam and Webster have us covered with a joint website for easy flipping between dictionary and thesaurus — allowing us to fulfill all of our advanced diction needs.


Constantly tempting you with exciting new notifications — no, it’s not your crush spontaneously liking your photo, its just Aunt Muriel commenting how it looks like you had a little too much fun on spring break. At this point, you know you’re procrastinating, but hey, you deserve a study break for five minutes … or 20.

Although not all of these tabs directly help you with your paper, it’s safe to say that they all enhance your paper-writing experience. Happy essay season, Bears!

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A headline accompanying a previous version of this article misspelled Berkeley.