Conversations to have on Sproul Plaza now that the ASUC elections are over

Karin Goh/File

After weeks of relentless ASUC campaigning on Sproul Plaza, elections are finally over. Now what are you going to do without hearing five different platforms while you’re three minutes late to class (past Berkeley time!)? It’s going to be a serious struggle trying to come up with conversations to have with others on Sproul Plaza. For this reason, we at the Clog have devised a list of great topics to help you chat with friends without the presence of ASUC campaigners.

  1. The weather
  2. How weird squirrels are
  3. The meaning of life
  4. How much you’re going to miss Chancellor Dirks
  5. Why it is still raining in April?
  6. What your spirit animal is
  7. Something Trump did
  8. What classes you’re going to take next semester
  9. How bad your phase I appointment is
  10. Summer plans
  11. Internship rejections
  12. How fun Coachella was
  13. What you’re going to wear for Cal Day
  14. How much we miss chicken strips from GBC
  15. Kendrick Lamar’s new album
  16. Favorite form of potato
  17. How pleasant Sproul Plaza is now that ASUC elections are over
  18. What’s on the menu at Crossroads
  19. The volume of Chancellor Dirk’s mustache due to humidity
  20. What songs the Campanile should be playing
  21. The new Beauty and The Beast movie
  22. Pizza
  23. How many papers you have to write in two days
  24. What Shrek is doing at this very moment
  25. What the cutest breed of dog is

Just in case you forgot to have regular conversations on campus, we hope you enjoy some of these quick topics to help you have a decent (and ASUC sign-free) discussion on Sproul Plaza.

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