Try less: extra people at UC Berkeley

Alvaro Azcarraga/File

Some students at UC Berkeley try way too hard. We get it, you go to the No. 1 public university in the world — so do we. And even though it seems as if everyone around us is trying too hard (where are all of the #chillBears at?), we at the Clog have realized that there are some specific categories of students that are just a little too extra. So without further ado, we present to you a list of the types of try-hards that roam campus on the daily:

1. The frat-agonias. We get it — you’re a Haas-hole. But you’re trying way too hard to balance the Haas-hole-ness with the fratiness by wearing your Haas backpack, Patagonia vest and formal business shoes to class. Please, just cease.
2. “I woke up like this.” A lot of students act casual all of the time, but we know that you didn’t casually wake up with perfectly coiffed hair and an outfit straight out of Vogue Italia. It’s okay to not look flawless once in a while, ya know?
3. The casual look — but not actually. Lululemon yoga pants, Nike Frees, Swell bottle, North Face fleece — sure, it’s all “casual” attire, but we all know (as do you, deep down inside) that you totally planned out every single component of this outfit last Wednesday and it’s by no means just a casual outfit put together in two minutes.
4. “I’m actually EECS, not CS.” Sorry we offended you by asking if you’re a CS major, when in reality you’re EECS. Thank you for oh-so-subtly rubbing it in our faces that you have a 4.0 as you furiously type away (loudly) on your laptop while that Cal Hacks Bear sticker stares straight into our souls.
5. The prized pupil (but in our minds, the annoying one). There’s always at least one student in every single discussion that’s constantly punctual (and we’re not talking Berkeley time punctual). This student has done every reading, attends every single office hours session and always has annoyingly thoughtful questions to ask, thereby hogging all of the participation points we could’ve earned. Our advice to this student: Change your monotony up a little and come to class on Berkeley time for a few days. Trust us, it feels great to live on the edge.

We at the Clog understand how fun it is to act extra every now and then. But sometimes try-hards need to try a little less, because too much is just, well, too much. Take a chill pill and get rid of that no chill behavior — we swear it’ll help in the long run.

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