10 best snacks to cure the munchies

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APRIL 20, 2017

When the munchies hit, it can be bad. But before you convince yourself that Funyuns dipped in peanut butter or waffles covered in cheese whiz, are innovative and delicious ideas (they’re not), we at the Clog did some of the work for you. From the salty to the sweet, we’ve brainstormed and collected the very best snacks to cure any case of the munchies to ensure this 4/20 is perfectly satisfying.

  1. Hot Cheetos: What Cal student doesn’t have these on hand? Salty, crispy and spicy. Yes, yes, yes.
  2. Tortilla/Jalapeño/Barbecue Chips: These crunchy, easy-to-find snacks are a munchies go-to for most. Stock up on your favorites to enable ideal snacking!
  3. Cheese Puffs: Inspired by the massive tubs found at Costcos everywhere, these could probably feed an army and are perfect to share with friends.
  4. Oreos: These classic cookies are just too easy (and delicious) not to eat.
  5. Cookie DoughNestle has never let me down. Pro tip: for the effect of a freshly-baked cookie, add a dollop of dough to the microwave for 12 seconds.
  6. Ben & Jerry’s Totally Baked Ice Cream: With an almost too-perfect name, this swirled mix of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, brownie chunks and cookie bits really has it all.
  7. Rice Krispies Treats: This marshmallow-filled, gooey, sweet treat is so easy to buy (or make!) with this microwave version.
  8. Mac ‘n Cheese: Whether boxed or the homemade, this creamy, cheese-filled concoction is literally the epitome of comfort food, which makes it the truly ideal munchies meal.
  9. Pizza Rolls: Just because we’re #teamtotinos.
  10. Nachos: Chips loaded with all the fixins’? Yes, please.

Happy munchin’ everyone!

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APRIL 20, 2017