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Quiz: How should you smoke on 4/20?

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APRIL 20, 2017

It’s 4/20 and we at the Clog are preparing ourselves for the absolute madness that will soon overtake Memorial Glade. If you’re still unsure of how to turn your body into a wonderland at 4:20 p.m., take this quiz and find out what you should smoke out of.


  1. What’s your favorite way to fly high?
    1. There’s nothing quite as classic as killing a whole J by myself.
    2. Packing a slow-rolling bowl in my pretty piece
    3. Just snap a bong bowl and be on my way
    4. Pop an edible and then it’s just a waiting game
  2. What’s your favorite munchie?
    1. Cheetos or Goldfish
    2. Cookies and brownies
    3. Pretzels, hummus and maybe a crunchy apple
    4. Hamburger and fries
  3. What are your 4/20 plans?
    1. Wake and bake at 4:20 a.m. then maintain that level of fucked up for the entire day.
    2. Wake up, bake. Sit down, bake. Stand up, bake.
    3. I’m just gonna head to the Glade around 2 p.m. and take in all the vibes. Hopefully there will be snack stands like last year.
    4. I got shit to do, my dude, and class from 3-5:30 p.m. so I will be celebrating in spirit.
  4. How much of a weed snob are you?
    1. I’d say I’m more of a Cannaseur.
    2. I know some things about strains and different types of weed, but mostly a fat bong rip is a fat bong rip.
    3. All weed looks the same to me, but I know prefer sativa to indica.
    4. Don’t know a gotdang thing.
  5. What equipment do you personally own?
    1. I have a full two-tiered kit complete with pipe cleaners, vape, oils, wax, the works. Anything you need, I got.
    2. I’ve treated myself to a nice, big bong and I always have papers on hand.
    3. I have a piece that I use occasionally.
    4. I mostly just mooch off of pothead friends.
  6. On a scale of 1 – ded, how bad was your worst experience with edibles?
    1. Ded
    2. I was still stirring, but, oh baby, was the vomiting unwarranted.
    3. I’ve felt sweaty and dizzy before but never immobile.
    4. It was mostly bad because of how many Totino’s Pizza Rolls I ate.
  7. How much would you love a plateful of hot and delicious Totino’s Pizza Rolls?
    1. You won’t catch me without at least four in my mouth.
    2. I butt-chug Totino’s Pizza Rolls for breakfast.
    3. I eat Totino’s Pizza Rolls like Bruce Bogtrotter eats chocolate cake.
    4. Just stuff me full of those tiny cushions of pure, simple joy.
    1. You’re looking at an apple bong the main component of which you bought at GBC. Unfortunately you forgot your piece, and Weed Willy thought you were bringing the rolling papers and grinder. All you nerds have is a lighter, a whole fuck ton of weed and a strong, admirable will. So google the apple bong wikiHow and get smokin’. Don’t forget a freshly baked pack of Totino’s Pizza Rolls!
    2. You’re genius friend Weed Willy brought a cooler full of brews to enjoy with your bud, and you know what that means. That’s right, you lucky ducks, a gravity bong! Get sucking, pals, and get munching on some freshly baked Totino’s Pizza Rolls.
    3. While you pulled out your tiny, dirty piece for everyone to use, Weed Willy pulled a fat white grape-flavored blunt from behind his ear. Once again your efforts to impress are overshadowed, but at least you get to hit that blunt. Your reputation would surely be repaired if you brought some gooey and crispy Totino’s Pizza Rolls along.
    4. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it’s just you and the Totino’s Pizza Rolls tonight!


Sasha Ashall is the blog editor. Contact Sasha Ashall at [email protected].

APRIL 20, 2017