‘Twas the morn of 4/20

Olivia Staser/Staff

’Twas the morn of 4/20,

and all through the Glade,

Golden Bears, once so pent-up

Would soon catch a fade


Anxiously waiting for fun,

We sleep in for the sake,

As both we and the sun

Enjoy a nice wake-and-bake


For on this 20th of April, this most hallowed of day,

the weight of the world release.

There’s time only to chill, some fallow to lay,

Ah, almost like !Navidad, Feliz¡


Whether bong or piece,

joint, splif or loose doob

those red eyes look sexy

that cough don’t mean “noob”


So chit, chat, have a snack

or do literally nothing at all

because 4/20, this day of all days,

will be anything but small


Enjoy the sun, the friends

and the all those righteous greens,  

You’re only stuck in a liberal thought prison once,

So pick out those seeds


And if you smoke enough, as the proverbs declare

You may see a figure appear in mid air

Oski, on a sled made of straight weed

Leading the way, Dirks — mustachioed steed


And you’ll hear him exclaim, as he puffs out of sight,

“It’s windy as fuck out here, so to all a good light!”

Austin Isaacsohn is the stoner Shel Silverstein. Contact him at [email protected].