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Editors' note: Every Bear has its day

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APRIL 22, 2017

Cal Day is one of the most exciting and overwhelming days here at UC Berkeley. For current students, it’s a day to celebrate what makes this school so special and all the ways that Berkeley has come to feel like home. For prospective students, Cal Day is often the first exposure to what this city and school have to offer. Take a minute to soak in the energy and school spirit while wandering around and familiarizing yourself with campus.

Berkeley is an amazing and intimidating place, so to help you not be too overwhelmed, we’ve carefully curated an itinerary for you to check out all the happenings on campus for Cal Day. Also in this issue, you can learn which foods to avoid before taste testing some of Cal Dining’s finest fare. Don’t be daunted by the rowdiness on Greek Row — we’ve got you covered with a guide on how to get into that coveted fraternity party. You can also read about what it’s like to adjust to life far away from home as an international student gaining familiarity with a new city and country.

Take this day to learn from students and faculty about why they love Berkeley and how the city came to feel like home for them. Chances are you’ll hear some interesting stories. You might even discover the reason you want to be a bear. In this lively, eccentric city, we’re all able to find the places that put us as peace, stimulate our minds and inspire us to face the challenges ahead. We hope you can find that for yourself. Every bear has its day, and that day is today.

Peace, love and Cal Day.

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APRIL 22, 2017