Five dining hall foods to avoid at UC Berkeley

Caragh McErlean/Senior Staff

Listen up all you baby bears. We get it, we know how you feel. Eating at the dining hall is so exciting — it feels so “college.” And you’re lucky — as far as dining goes, you guys definitely kind of lucked out. Overall, we are big fans of Cal Dining. When you Google “best college dining,” our lovely school definitely gets a shoutout. But not everything is gourmet cuisine. Here are five foods you should definitely avoid:

1. The Vegan Pho Bar

If you have ever had real pho, you will be appalled. If you have never had real pho, go to Pho K&K. Whatever you do, don’t try it here. The broth tastes like liquified cat food and the noodles are flavorless. The dry carrots bits and tiny cilantro pieces they sprinkle in don’t help either. There is just nothing to be done to make this pho better except not eating it.

2. The Supergreen Burger

It tastes how it sounds. Burgers just are not supposed to be “super green.” That is all.

3. The Creamy Pineapple Cabbage

Let’s get some things straight. Creamy is how my alfredo sauce should be, or my Philz Coffee order, not my cabbage. Pineapple is what I like to put in my tropical smoothie, or cut up to eat on the beach, not put in the bowl with my cabbage. Finally, cabbage should be strictly reserved for eating at Grandma’s. This combination is just as confused as every UC Berkeley student trying to navigate through Dwinelle Hall.

4. Literally any type of fish

This is a school wide rule — whatever dining hall you go to, however the fish is prepared, DON’T DO IT. Many of us are huge seafood lovers, and we made the mistake of getting excited for dining hall fish. Let’s just say we were quickly put in our place. We gave it a couple more tries and can now confidently say that you should stay far away from the fish.

5. The Vegan Orange Cake

This cake has a concerning bright orange color, and the little pieces of orange peel baked in give it a weird texture to go along with its strange color. Honestly, just eat a real orange instead.