Harry Potter quotes to use in everyday situations at UC Berkeley

Ruby Chen/Staff

1. When you didn’t get into any of the 20 clubs you applied for because getting into clubs at UC Berkeley is as hard as getting into college:

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” — Dumbledore

2. When someone insults your “little” (basically your daughter) on three different social media platforms:

“Not my daughter, you bitch!” — Molly Weasley

3. When you (Harry) take a stroll through Sproul Plaza without flyers being shoved in your face:

“You’re a wizard, Harry.” — Hagrid

4. When you navigate through four of Dwinelle Hall’s floors without a map:

“You sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.” — Ginny Weasley

5. When you’re trying to stay positive about being at UC Berkeley:

“I’m not going to be murdered.” — Harry Potter

6. When nobody understands you (and why you were so upset about Chipotle closing for two days for renovations):

“Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have.” — Hermione Granger

7. When you kick a squirrel accidentally (on purpose) and unfortunately the end for Mr. Squirrel is near:

“He is dead.” — Narcissa Malfoy

8. When you rebelliously stay in Main Stacks 10 full minutes after it closes because you are a nerd:

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” — Harry Potter

9. When you realize you’ll be a super senior because #publiccolleges:

“(I’m going to be at UC Berkeley) until the very end.” — James Potter

10. When you walk on the 4.0 seal:

“(I) could have been killed — or worse, expelled”— Hermione Granger

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